PSA – oil filter module with innovative oil drain control

The new diesel engine from PSA meets the strictest emission standards. For this purpose more and more components have to find space in the engine compartment. MANN+HUMMEL has developed an oil filter module for these requirements which saves valuable installation space and boasts an innovative oil drain control.

More performance, less emissions: these are the requirements which the automotive industry is faced with. The French car producer PSA has now introduced a 1.5 liter diesel engine to the market which meets the strict requirements of the Euro 6D emissions standard. MANN+HUMMEL developed the oil filter module for this engine. The biggest challenge was that many components are competing for the installation space in the engine compartment. Space has to be found for more and more technical components such as an SCR system for exhaust gas treatment. This challenge requires the extensive expertise and experience of the system supplier to find solutions, which meet the high requirements with regard to the components in the context of the installation space problem.


Oil filter module with multiple tasks

The oil filter module from MANN+HUMMEL is such a solution. Numerous peripheral components can be connected to the module. As a result, the oil filter module becomes the interface for the oil return from the turbocharger to the oil sump. The integrated metal container also serves to mount a valve, cables and hoses.

As the oil filter module is positioned next to the catalytic converter, it has to be able to withstand high temperatures. The development engineers therefore opted for an aluminum housing, which can be economically produced in large volumes using highly automated production technology.


Space saving and user-friendly

Due to the particularly tight installation conditions, the standard oil drain system could not be used because it required too much space. In order to satisfy the high requirements with regard to installation space, MANN+HUMMEL developed a new compact and controlled oil drain system. It enables reliable sealing between the closely located adjacent oil channels. The sealing and control of the drain opening is made using a sealing lip which is overmolded onto the end cap.

The integration of the drain function makes the oil filter module very user-friendly. When changing the filter, the filter cover assembly consisting of a cover, center tube and filter element is unscrewed which in turn opens up the drain channel. The oil and filter change can begin in a simple and clean way. The filter element convinces with its high dust holding capacity and offers an extended service interval of up to 40,000 kilometers.

At a later point in time, there will also be a version of the oil filter module for engine variations with automatic gearbox. In order to take into consideration the different installation space situations, a variant with the same basic design has been developed.