Customized plastic oil filter modules

The variants follow the same basic idea, which has several advantages.

MANN+HUMMEL has developed a number of plastic oil filter modules especially for the new 4-cylinder gasoline engines from Hyundai. The variants are based on the same principle resulting in several advantages.

Customized variants do not contradict the economic strategy of using common parts. This is illustrated by the latest cooperation between MANN+HUMMEL and Hyundai. In this process the experts respectively conceived individual oil filter solutions for a number of gasoline engines: the 2.5 liter 4-cylinder engine for the Sonata and Santa Fe models and the 2.0 liter 4‑cylinder engine used in the Hyundai Elantra. The almost simultaneous implementation of the projects enabled the advantageous exploitation of synergy thanks to extensive experience in the development and production of plastic oil modules.

International vehicle and engine producers around the world associate the plastic oil filters from MANN+HUMMEL with high performance, efficiency and durability. In a direct comparison with oil filter modules made from aluminum, the plastic variants convince with their lower weight, simpler and therefore more economic manufacture, and also numerous integration possibilities. The use of a metal-free and fully incinerable filter element which is correspondingly easier to recycle makes the complete package environmentally compatible.

Oil filter module for Hyundai

Variant for for the 2.0 liter gasoline engines

Variant with oil cooler for the 2.0 liter gasoline engines

Variant with oil cooler for the 2.5 liter gasoline engines

Well thought-out core

The filter element with integrated center tube forms the core of the variants for Hyundai. It enables highly efficient filtration and excellent stability during the filter change. Due to the hanging arrangement of the oil filter modules, in the installation position the cover points downwards. The oil drain channel integrated in the filter cover ensures an easy oil change. When the screw plug is untightened the drain channel opens to enable an efficient drainage of the oil. During cold starts the integrated filter bypass valve ensures a reliable oil supply and reduces the pressure drop in the system.

For the robust seal between the cover and housing MANN+HUMMEL uses a half moon shaped seal which was specially developed for plastic oil modules. The seal is particularly advantageous for larger cover diameters. As a result of its radial and axial compression, it offers a reliable sealing effect in connection with the dynamic pulsation of components and in particular with the high operating pressures and temperatures found in the oil circuit. In addition, the reduction of pressure drop in the oil and coolant supply channels enabled an oil pump configuration with greater energy efficiency.

Customized solutions

Under consideration of the common part strategy, the MANN+HUMMEL developers adjusted the housing of the plastic oil filters to the respective installation space and technical requirements of the different engines. In both variants for the 2.0 liter 4‑cylinder engines a pressure sensor is additionally integrated in the filter housing which reliably measures the oil pressure on the clean side and sends a signal to the engine control unit if there is a drop in oil pressure. Furthermore, the oil module versions for the turbocharged engines have an oil cooler directly fixed to the housings.

Beginning of 2019 the mass production started in South Korea. In spite of the individual variants, the consistent common part strategy and corresponding standardization of assembly steps has enabled an economic production process at Hyundai. The production of further variants is planned for the coming year.