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Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that air pollution indoors is considerably higher than outdoors?

Our filtration solutions reduce the pollution level and ensure good air quality in commercial offices, private rooms, operating theaters and laboratories and in the cleanrooms required by industry.

In general, the level of air pollution indoors can be between two and five times the pollution found outdoors. And something many people are unaware of is that everyday items such as cleaning agents, paints and furniture make a significant contribution in this respect. They release pollutants which can trigger or worsen asthma and allergies. MANN+HUMMEL helps to reduce this load. We offer intelligent solutions for commercial and private use to control and improve the air quality in rooms.

Air quality measurement devices assist here to record the data about the indoor air quality. A digital service clearly displays the data via an app or web portal and provides tips on how to handle the air quality. Depending on the application area, you can use our indoor air purifiers or air filter elements for air conditioners or ventilation systems in order to substantially reduce the level of pollution. Also inside your vehicle our reliable cabin air filters protect you from harmful substances.

We also offer filtration solutions for use in home appliances such as kitchen hoods, air purifiers and vacuum cleaners. The filter elements removes even the smallest dust particles and intensive odours of meat, fish and fats at low energy consumption - customized for the respective application.

Clean and hygienic air is of particular importance in cleanrooms, e.g. with operating theaters, laboratories in the field of biotechnolgy, pharmaceutical research and food processing. Our filtration solutions are reliable, high-performance and efficient. To complement our products, we offer our customers and partners numerous services such as installation, filter change and validation.

Effective and reliable filtration is also critical for power generation. MANN+HUMMEL intake filters protect gas turbines against damage from pollutants contained in the ambient air. Our partners include end consumers, installation and service companies and manufacturers of gas turbines, engines and compressors.

The air in industrial rooms is contaminated on a daily basis by emissions and chemicals, but a sustainable production process requires clean air and clean water. MANN+HUMMEL filter systems make a big contribution here towards sustainability, even under high pollution levels. This is because nowadays filter installations for industrial applications have to work round the clock. In addition, they are exposed to high volumes of particles and different types of particles. Our products and systems work efficiently and economically. For oil demisters, particulate filters or complete process filtration installations: we will tailor our offer exactly to the requirements of your production process.

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