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Cleaner Industry with Fendt in Germany

Andreas Kleinhenz

Marktoberdorf, Germany. With 8+ billion people living on earth, a reliable food supply and efficient agriculture are key. Climate change not only affects the food we are growing, but also the soil we are growing it in.

As our fields become dustier with every dry summer, the challenges farmers are facing when operating heavy machinery are increasing. This also means MANN+ HUMMEL’s air filters protecting the engines of Fendt’s tractors need to be performing at their best under demanding conditions at all times. Prolonging machinery’s service intervals, reducing downtime, and ensuring a safe and standardized filter cleaning process are key to supporting farmers’ daily work.

Andreas Kleinhenz explains why a tractor’s engine has to breathe clean air and how MANN+HUMMEL’s smart air filter cleaning processes satisfy Fendt’s customers:

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