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MANN+HUMMEL Company: Welcome to our world of filtration

When there is no mine or yours, our goals become common goals. 

Explore our world of filtration

Be it in the car, the city or indoors, we at MANN+HUMMEL have set ourselves a clear goal with regard to our filtration products: we want to make the world a cleaner and healthier place. From Mexico to Japan and Denmark to South Africa, our teams address global challenges such as environmental pollution, climate change and pandemics and explore the relevant solutions. In this way, we develop and create products and solutions enabling cleaner mobility, cleaner air and cleaner water through filtration.

Our filter solutions are used day in day out around the world. To this end, we cooperate with prominent companies in the automotive sector, the food & beverage, electronics or pharmaceutical industry. Our customers also include major hospitals, hotels and restaurants, municipalities, facilities such as schools and public authorities and international airports. We are proud that our products can make people’s lives easier and improve their daily routine and life quality, both at home and at work.

About us

What exactly do you understand by the expression "filtration"? Well, here is a really simple and clear explanation: filtration separates the useful from the harmful.



We summarize the focal points of our corporate responsibility under four keywords: value added, value communities, value endurance and value oriented.


News & Press

Keep up to date to make sure you do not miss anything. This is where you can find our collection of press releases from the area of filtration, new products and projects.



Live on site and in color or digital: the MANN+HUMMEL events will give you an overview of forthcoming events.



MANN+HUMMEL is a reliable, flexible and innovative business partner. We attach great importance to the quality of our products. 



For forms or flyers, the logo or the management report – the MANN+HUMMEL download center offers you lots of photos and background information on our company and projects.