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Forging a successful future: the digitalization of our company

We are currently witnessing a digital transformation that is unprecedented in its scale and pace. The rapid advance of digitalization is reshaping societies, industries, and corporate landscapes, setting new benchmarks for customer expectations, driving innovation, and requiring new ways of working. All of these factors have massively increased the complexity of the market.

But what does Digital Transformation mean to us, why is digital transformation so important and where does it take place in our company? For us, digital transformation means change within the company and as an employer. Customer interfaces are becoming increasingly digital, employees and customers want new approaches to actively help shape new ideas in a digitalized world. The market is constantly evolving and presents us with new challenges, such as carrying out research & development, quotation processes and supply chains faster and more effectively. We believe in the powerful combination of our unmatched analog products and the great possibilities of digitalization.

For me, digitalization is much more than just a buzzword or even an end in itself. It offers new perspectives in the areas of customer service and customer relationships, leads to extensive changes in company processes, and allows for quicker, objective, and data-driven decision-making.

Alexander Lapp, Director Digital Transformation, MANN+HUMMEL

Putting people at the heart of MANN+HUMMEL’s digital transformation

Our company’s active digital transformation is a deliberate strategic decision. In all our actions, we prioritize our customers, who rely on our expertise, products, and solutions to protect people and machines.

By using digital innovations and interfaces, we provide the best solutions to our customer’s problems and ultimately empower them. Our 22,000+ employees are leading the way. They develop, enhance, and implement digital transformation processes that embrace technology and are driven by data.

Our vision: We aim to be the data-driven digital leader in our industry. We represent digital transformation for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), helping our customers and employees achieve excellent results clickly – with just one click and quickly.

Driving innovation: the power of digital transformation in business

Customers come to us for the best filtration solutions for any application. And digitalization enables us to separate the useful from the harmful even more efficiently. So what factors are key to a successful digital transformation?

  • By connecting our workforce through digital hubs, we're speeding up communication and bringing together digital know-how from fields like data science, Internet of Things (IoT), software development, and digital business engagement. This collaborative approach empowers us to create superior products for our partners and customers.
  • Our digital ventures actively collaborate with customers to help solve any existing or upcoming challenge.
  • For us, digitalization means greater sustainability, it's a powerful tool for saving resources in manufacturing and creating highly efficient products.
  • Digitalized processes increase speed and transparency, especially as we handle the increasing data volumes needed to create customized solutions.
  • By digitalizing research and product development, we can discover more cost-effective and multiple solutions tailored to individual customer needs. Additionally, automated, digitalized business processes reduce our employees’ workload.
  • Through digital solutions like qlair, STREAMETRIC, and our Digital Filter Suite, we enhance analog filtration with smart digital features. This simplifies filter monitoring and maintenance, saving our customers both time and resources, enabling more effective, efficient, and proactive protection of staff and machinery.

Three examples of our corporate digital transformation

Digitalization happens across all areas of our company, enhancing our core processes rather than being a goal in itself. With our digital mindset, we’re prepared to tackle any future challenges.

Our digital hubs in four locations are global platforms that allow our employees to quickly and flexibly pitch, test, and develop new ideas. This truly reflects our commitment at MANN+HUMMEL to New Ways of Work, which are accessible from anywhere, at any time.


"Our digital hubs are advancing MANN+HUMMEL's digital transformation. These four centers create a collaborative global environment where digital experts and team members come together to promote a digital culture and agile thinking, which drives the success of our digital initiatives."

Ellie Amirnasr
Director Digital Ventures

Our digital HR transformation aims to enhance our employees’ experience by digitalizing processes such as administration, recruiting or onboarding, and by using data more intelligently. This ultimately gives our employees more time. Additionally, agile working in virtual teams facilitates idea sharing and collaboration across geographical and time boundaries.

By digitalizing our product development, we can respond to customer inquiries more quickly, shorten development cycles, and meet specific needs with greater accuracy. Consider our innovative smartFE application: it uses AI to digitally design products. In seconds, it transforms big data into smart data, giving our experts quick, clear options for the best filtration solutions.

Our proactive digital transformation strategy keeps MANN+HUMMEL at the forefront of filtration and innovation. Committed to cleaner mobility, cleaner air, cleaner water, and cleaner industries, we're dedicated to building a sustainable future and contributing to a cleaner planet.