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People who work hard appreciate recognition. This can be from a customer or from external bodies or juries.

We are proud that our company and the quality of our services have been recognized many times. Numerous prizes and awards speak for themselves.

MANN+HUMMEL has been able to convince a number of juries of its work as a supplier and the quality of its products and brands. We have compiled a list of the awards and prizes which customers and technical publications have awarded us. We are happy that others are satisfied with the work we do.


Parts Division Service Excellence Award

July 2023 | MANN+HUMMEL Group

MANN+HUMMEL has received the Parts Division Service Excellence Award from Honda Brasil for the second time, recognizing the performance in 2022.

Best Managed Companies Award

May 2023 | MANN+HUMMEL Group

MANN+HUMMEL is a winner of the Best Managed Companies Award 2023. Honored and valued with an award and seal of approval for excellently managed companies. A Best Managed Company is characterized by a forward-looking strategy, a high level of productivity, a strong culture of innovation, and value-oriented corporate governance.

Sustainability Award for Brazil

March 2023 | Original Equipment

The MANN+HUMMEL team in Brazil has received the Sustainability Award from John Deere Brasil, for the Project "Public Air Solutions – Improving Air Quality in Indaiatuba through Air Filtration Systems".

The initiative has reduced the concentration of PM10 particles in the region where the plant is located by 31 %. 

Supplier Award Sustainability from INNIO Jenbacher

February 2023 | Original Equipment

Sustainability is of great importance for MANN+HUMMEL. This area has been included in the supplier evaluation and is assessed according to various criteria such as EcoVadis rating, use of recycled materials and green energy or environmental and energy management systems.

Premier Data Supplier

2023 | Automotive Aftermarket

MANN-FILTER has been recognized by TecAlliance as a Premier Data Supplier maintaining the highest quality standards for data supplied.

Supply Guarantee Award

2023 | Original Equipment

The MANN+HUMMEL team in China has received the Supply Guarantee Award for good delivery during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Best Quality Supplier Award

2023 | Original Equipment

The MANN+HUMMEL team in China has been honored once again with the Best Quality Supplier Award for yearly good quality performance.

Excellent Supplier Award

2023 | Original Equipment

The MANN+HUMMEL team in China has received the Excellent Supplier Award for yearly good performance on a comprehensive level, including technical support, delivery, quality, etc..

  • AGCO Innovation and Collaboration Award 2021
  • Supplier Award 2021 from Atlas Copco in the category sustainability
  • CNH Industrial Latin America - Supplier of the Year Award 2021 
  • Supplier Excellence Awards 2021 in the categories Sustainability and Agriculture (Parts & Services) from CNHi Industrial Latin America
  • CNHTC Resource Security Award for good delivery during Covid-19
  • Best Quality Supplier Award 2022 from CNHTC for yearly good quality performance
  • CNHTC Commercial Support Award 2022 for supply chain optimization performance
  • Excellent Supplier Award 2022 from CNHTC for yearly good performance on a comprehensive level
  • Our MANN-FILTER brand was awarded as Best PROFI Workshop Brand 2022 in the category "Filter" by readers of the German CV magazine "Profi Werkstatt" (HUSS-Verlag)
  • Customer award 2021 by DAF for supplier performance
  • EcoVadis Award - Gold rating 
  • Best Brand ETM Award 2022 for our MANN-FILTER brand from ETM Verlag / Publishing House
  • Supply Guarantee Award from FAWVW for good delivery during Covid-19
  • Supplier Award 2021 from INNIO Jennbacher
  • Our MANN-FILTER brand was awarded as Best Motorsport Brand 2021 in the category "Filter" by Publishing House Motor Presse Stuttgart
  • Social Responsibility Award - Sello RSA + from the Instituto Aragonés de Fomento (IAFF)
  • IDEA® Long-Life Product Achievement Award 2022 from the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry (INDA) for innovative nanofiber cabin air filters
  • Supplier of the year Award 2021 from Iveco for outstanding performance in customer service
  • Supplier Award 2021 from Nissan North America for sustainability
  • Our MANN-FILTER brand was awarded as Best Truck Brand in the category "Filter" by O Caminhaneiro Magazine Brazil (Consumer Choice)
  • Gold Award in best POKA YOKE from Quality Circle Forum of India 
  • Volvo Award for localization support 

  • MANN-FILTER - Best Brand 2021 (1st in category FILTER) auto, motor & sport, poll
  • Nissan FY20 Regional Supplier Quality Award- MHES
  • Purar Air Mask Awarded the Red Dot Award: Product Design
  • Quality Supplier Award FORD for outstanding quality performance in 2020
  • TEMOT Award: Best Supplier 2020 - Training & Webinars
  • MANN-FILTER and FILTRON get the TecDoc Award “Certified Data Supplier”
  • "GM Supplier of the Year" award
  • Marklkofen - PACCAR / Quality performance 10ppm certificate
  • MANN-FILTER Beste Profi Werkstatt Marke by HUSS Verlag/Automechanica 
  • MANN-FILTER winner "Beste Marken 2021", ETM Verlag
  • Adobe Experience Maker Award for the project CODE (Customer Oriented Digital Ecosystem)

  • MANN+HUMMEL Mexico: Daimler Commercial Partner of the Year
  • MHFR AA Best Partner in commercial support by AD Poids Lourds
  • GPC/NAPA Best Supplier Quality Award
  • Nexus HD Supplier of the Year
  • MANN-FILTER best brand in category Filter by Motorsport aktuell
  • MANN+HUMMEL Vendor of the year with Advance Autoparts
  • DAF Trucks Supplier Performance Management (SPM) Award
  • Volvo VQE (Volvo Quality Excellence) award for MCCN
  • Vendor of the Year Award with Advance Autoparts
  • GM Supplier of the Year Award
  • MHCZ Company of the Year 2019 in Automotive industry in the Czech Republic
  • GM 2019 Supplier Quality Excellence Award
  • Gold Level – Caterpillar’s Supplier Quality Excellence Process
  • YUCHAI National Vl Best cooperation award

  • General Motors Supplier of the Year  2018
  • SAE International Environmental Excellence in Transportation Award
  • Corporate Responsibility Award for MHES
  • CES Innovation Award (FDE & Qlair)
  • FAW-VW Outstanding Contribution & Marketing Innovation Award
  • TEMOT Best Supplier, Global Partnership & Support
  • FORD Aligned Business Framework & Air induction systems
  • Fiat Chrysler Automobiles for MHBR
  • Motorsport Aktuell Best Brand 2018 for MANN-FILTER
  • International Parts Award for MHMX
  • Automotive Parts Marketing Support 2018 for WIX Filters
  • Acrex India 2019 Indoor Air Quality
  • MHCZ Company of the year 2018 in CZ
  • BOMAG – Supplier Award for Service & Solutions
  • Caterpillar BRONZE-Supplier 2018
  • FORD Top Supplier Award for MHTH
  • CNHTC Golden Medal Supplier Award for MANN+HUMMEL

  • Supplier of the Year: General Motors - MANN+HUMMEL
  • MANN-FILTER Best Brand 2017:  lastauto omnibus, trans aktuell, FERNFAHRER – MANN+HUMMEL Aftermarket business (IAM)
  • Supplier Innovation Award: John Deere- MANN+HUMMEL

  • Global Supplier Award 2016 by TEMOT International - MANN-FILTER
  • MANN-FILTER Beste Marke, Leserpreis: lastauto omnibus, trans aktuell, FERNFAHRER – MANN+HUMMEL Aftermarket business (IAM)
  • MANN-FILTER Supplier of the Year 2017: Groupauto International - MANN+HUMMEL
  • Supplier of the Year, General Motors - MANN+HUMMEL
  • Vertriebs- und Marketingpreis: CARAT Unternehmensgruppe - MANN+HUMMEL
  • Regional Quality Award: Nissan - MANN+HUMMEL Thailand
  • Everest Award: Distribuidora S/A Automotive - MANN+HUMMEL Brasilien
  • Umwelttechnikpreis Baden-Württemberg: Kategorie: Energieeffizienz - MANN+HUMMEL
  • MANN-FILTER - „Best Medium Stand": Örüm - MANN+HUMMEL
  • Silberner Mercury Excelence Award: MerComm Kategorie „Mobile Media“ - MANN+HUMMEL

  • MANN-FILTER: Beste PROFI Werkstatt-Marke, Leserpreis: Nutzfahrzeug-Zeitschrift „PROFI Werkstatt“, Kategorie Filter - MANN+HUMMEL
  • Top Quality Award, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles - MANN+HUMMEL
  • GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award, General Motors – MANN+HUMMEL India
  • MANN-FILTER: Beste Marke, Leserpreis: lastauto omnibus, trans aktuell, FERNFAHRER - MANN+HUMMEL Aftermarket business (IAM)
  • Industriepreis 2016 für MANN-FILTER FreciousPlus, Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH – MANN+HUMMEL
  • Supplier of the Year, General Motors - MANN+HUMMEL
  • Listung unter den 50 aktivsten Patentanmeldern, Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt (DPMA) - MANN+HUMMEL
  • Innovator des Jahres 2016, brand eins Wissen und Statista - MANN+HUMMEL
  • Overall Best Supplier at Andrew Page awards - MANN+HUMMEL
  • FreciousPlus - Produkt des Jahres 2016 in Frankreich, Online-Studie unter mehr als 10.000 repräsentativen Konsumenten (Forschungsinstitut Nielsen) - MANN+HUMMEL
  • Excellent Supplier award, Shanghai General Motors - MANN+HUMMEL China
  • Best Innovator China - Merit Award, A.T. Kearney - MANN+HUMMEL China

  • MOPAR Prize, Best Supplier 2015 Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) - MANN+HUMMEL Brazil
  • Innovationspreis der Zeppelin Universität Friedrichshafen in der Kategorie „Best Cultural Change“ - MANN+HUMMEL
  • MANN-FILTER Best Brand, Leserpreis: lastauto omnibus, trans aktuell, FERNFAHRER - MANN+HUMMEL Aftermarket business (IAM)
  • Ford World Excellence Award in the category Aligned Business Framework - MANN+HUMMEL
  • General Motors Supplier of the Year and Prime Supplier - MANN+HUMMEL
  • Distribuidora Automotiva Everest Award - MANN+HUMMEL Brasilien
  • Vysočina Region: Most family-friendly firm - MANN+HUMMEL CZ
  • Great Place to Work Institute Mexico: Great Place to Work® - MANN+HUMMEL Mexico
  • League of American Communications Professionals (LACP): LACP Vision Award in Silber für den Geschäftsbericht 2014 - MANN+HUMMEL
  • Partner der Feuerwehr - MANN+HUMMEL AUTOMOTIVE GmbH

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