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MANN+HUMMEL: Our sustainability strategy with filtration

Our Approach

Have you ever asked yourself what true sustainability is? Let us give you a brief overview of the world of sustainability at MANN+HUMMEL: Because we think it is actually much more than only caring about the environment or being charitable.

Common definitions of sustainability usually encompass three dimensions: environmental, economical and societal. At MANN+HUMMEL, we see ourselves as pioneers, adding a fourth dimension to these existing concepts: technology. As a technology-driven company, we have been developing innovative, cutting-edge solutions for eight decades now. We firmly believe that the dimension of technology is an essential component of sustainability. And for MANN+HUMMEL, the dimension of technology is, more concretely, the dimension of filtration.

Sustainability is a natural ingredient in filtration. For us, it’s not just an empty “buzz word”. By separating the useful from the harmful through filtration – our mission and our core business for 80 years – we have always been a contributor to true sustainability.

Increasing urbanization, air pollution, contaminated water, and fresh water scarcity are just a few examples for the great need for filtration around the globe. We believe that filtration and separation solutions are key technologies of the 21st century and a vital part to make the world a better and safer place. Our core competency, filtration, is the basis of our business and at the same time our responsibility.

With an R&D network of more than 1,100 engineers worldwide, MANN+HUMMEL is constantly working on developing pioneering filtration solutions. We strongly believe that clean air and clean water are human rights and a basic pre-condition for life. The environmental challenges we are all facing are in fact part of our business model.

By creating outstanding filtration solutions in all of our business segments, we are helping to ensure cleaner mobility, cleaner air, and cleaner water worldwide. By focusing on that goal, we help to conserve humanity’s environment: For us – and even more important – for future generations.

50 Climate Leaders

MANN+HUMMEL - separating the useful from the harmful

Learn more about how MANN+HUMMEL - as a global leader and expert in the field of filtration - is tackling climate change in urban areas.

Sustainability Report 2022

For us, sustainability is more than a trend. It is deeply embedded in our company’s DNA and in the application of our solutions. Filtration is sustainability. 

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