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Engine and machine filtration for a cleaner industry

We provide reliable solutions for a more sustainable industry

The need for industries to operate in a far more sustainable and reliable way is a direct result of an escalating climate crisis, increased scarcity of resources, and growing global supply chains. To meet this mounting pressure, machinery and systems must deliver flawless performance, consume fewer resources, and extend their lifespans.

Highly efficient industrial filters for engines and machines are crucial for operational reliability and safety. Industrial downtimes due to wear and tear translate into lost revenue worth millions - every single day. Furthermore, late or unfulfilled customer orders can inflict significant reputational damage. To comply with increasingly strict laws and environmental guidelines, industry requires filtration solutions that are not only robust but also future-proof.

Key Environmental Milestones

33 %

less greenhouse gas emissions since 1990 in EU

310 million

tons of CO₂ to be removed by 2030 in EU

15 thousand

companies in UN Global Compact, including MANN+HUMMEL

MANN+HUMMEL is a global leader in filtration with more than 80 years of expertise, supplying to the most crucial industrial sectors with state-of-the-art filters. Our portfolio encompasses both standardized and customized solutions aimed at fostering a cleaner industry. Our industrial filters and filtration systems help protect manufacturing facilities, machinery, large-scale engines, and power generators against everyday wear and tear, thereby enhancing machine availability while decreasing costly downtimes. Moreover, our industrial filters support businesses with managing and reducing emissions, contributing to the increased energy efficiency of engines, machines, systems, and processes.

Filtration is a vital process in industry to remove contaminants from air, liquids and gases. Effective filtration allows us to increase the quality of your end products, protect your equipment and minimize downtime.

Paul Davidsaver, Vice President Industrial Business

Delivering innovative filtration and digital solutions to industry

Spanning across a wide range of sectors from industrial production, heavy machinery, compressors, household appliances, plant engineering, and material handling right through to railway and marine transport, MANN+HUMMEL's filtration solutions empower our customers. They offer a clear pathway to enhanced environmental management, increased operational reliability, improved industrial performance, and higher energy efficiency. As a result, they serve as a comprehensive strategic tool which minimizes machine downtime, reduces costs, and conserves resources in the long term.

Moreover, our unique Digital Filter Suite provides a smart software solution for filter monitoring, ensuring optimal filter performance while streamlining filter maintenance for fleet operators. This intelligent tool is ideal for those overseeing agricultural and construction machinery, commercial vehicles, and heavy-duty engines such as power generators and large engines. The outcome? Highly-efficient, fully automated processes using intelligent algorithms and sensors, leading to a smoother and more cost-effective operation thanks to predictive maintenance.

Industrial filtration for improved machine and engine performance

Whether it’s filters for engines or machinery, OEM filtration or aftermarket solutions, our high-performance filters and filtration systems make the difference. By providing industry with exceptionally efficient filtration options, we’re not only enhancing its reliability but also promoting durability. As a result, we’re contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable industry.

The benefits of our industrial filtration solutions at a glance:

  • Ensuring machine and system availability, paired with an increased engine and machine efficiency
  • Effective protection for employees and machines as well as an improved emission control and reduction
  • Standardized and custom-specific heavy duty filtration solutions
  • Superior environmental management systems, fully compliant with current standards and laws
  • Longer service intervals and less machine maintenance to significantly reduce costs while ensuring maximum machine performance

Industrial filtration paving the way for sustainable industry

At MANN+HUMMEL we offer a diverse portfolio of industrial filters and filtration systems suited for a wide range of applications. Leveraging our expertise in mobility, air, and water filtration, we design comprehensive solutions aimed at fostering a more sustainable and cleaner industry. Here are some examples of the many applications we provide.

Cleaner industries for a cleaner planet

The current challenges call for an expansion of the global business sector's role in advancing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and in executing the Paris Climate Agreement. We help our partners and customers worldwide to progress towards emission neutrality. Our force of over 22,000 dedicated employees across 80 global locations are all committed to a brighter future. We design filtration solutions that truly make a difference. Our innovative products are integrated in passenger cars and commercial vehicles, they ensure cleaner air in hospitals and schools, optimize industrial water treatment systems, and protect individuals and machinery working within construction and agriculture

At times of crisis, we reliably support our customers with short delivery routes, bespoke filters and filtration systems, and the endless possibilities offered by the digital transformation at MANN+HUMMEL. Leveraging over 80 years of experience, we pioneer industry-leading filtration technology, creating new opportunities for some of the fastest-growing sectors such as automotive, mechanical engineering, or chemicals, while protecting our planet at the same time.

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