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Air cleaners for Mercedes-Benz

The latest air cleaner generation of MANN+HUMMEL for use in commercial vehicles from Daimler has a higher performance than ever before. The combination of its oval filter element and improved flow characteristics does not even require any more installation space. With the new version of the air filter from MANN+HUMMEL for the Mercedes-Benz trucks Antos, Actros and Arocs, the pressure loss is further optimized.  

Innovative solution

The combination of its oval filter element and improved flow characteristics does not even require any more installation space.

Higher performance in the same space

Exploded view of the MANN+HUMMEL air filter with oval filter element

The new air cleaner was developed according to the Exalife design principle. This element geometry was developed by MANN+HUMMEL especially for the purpose of effectively exploiting the limited space in modern commercial vehicles while at the same time offering the best air filtration. The characteristic, space-saving oval design is packed with engineering know-how. The shape of the air filter element on the clean side is particularly striking. The special bone-shape design in connection with improvements to the housing enables a greater cross-section and therefore improved flow characteristics. The air flows through the filter element from the inside to the outside. The externally located plastic supporting grid enables the filter element to withstand hard operating conditions. In the filter element, the high performance MICROGRADE A-NF 6.2 F1 filter media with nanofiber coating finds application. The separation efficiency amounts to an impressive 99.98 percent. A new material for the reinforcement rings that are positioned in the air in- and outlet of the filter housing also offers advantages. Now, they are made of plastic, instead of metal which is usually used. That reduces weight and costs.

Further improvements

Air filter element with space saving oval shape

The air cleaner has other innovative components in addition to the shape of the filter element. A large rib in the housing cover guides the air flow directly to the inside of the filter element. This has a positive effect on the flow characteristics. Other innovations primarily serve to make the air cleaner easier to service. A rib in the cover and the corresponding slot in the PUR foam of the air filter element ensure that along the lines of the Poka-Yoke principle the element is always inserted correctly and securely held. Four projections from the PUR foam support the element in the housing. Apart from that, there are two recessed grips to simplify removal of the element to make manual servicing easier. During servicing the technician does not have to disconnect the raw and clean air ducts of the air cleaner system.

Retrofit made easy

Commercial vehicles on the market which are fitted with air cleaners of the previous generation can also benefit from the advantages of the new concept. It is possible to retrofit the air filter element when the cover is also replaced during a service. This means the new filter elements can also be recommended for existing vehicles in the fleet. For the OE business, MANN+HUMMEL produces five variants for Daimler in series – three for front intake and two for roof intake. The production of the first variants started in November 2018.