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Filtration solutions for healthcare facilities and pharmaceuticals

Health and pharma filters for ultrapure water and cleanroom air quality

Ensure clean air and pure water for your healthcare facility or pharmaceutical enterprise with filtration solutions from MANN+HUMMEL.


Healthcare facilities & pharmaceutical enterprises do have an especially high demand for cleanliness. Whether you are looking for solutions for clean air or pure water, we at MANN+HUMMEL got you covered.

Highly Purity Water (HPW)

High purity water or ultrapure water is necessary for various applications including dialysis or pharmaceutical. Pharmaceutical facilities will use highly purified water as a cleaning agent as well as an ingredient in products, so they require water free of endotoxins, microbials and viruses.   

Hospital Wastewater Treatment

Hospitals can also pose a major threat to our aquatic environment and ultimatly mankind. Before discharging hospital wastewaters into nearby rivers, which are containing high levels of pharmaceutical residues, like antibiotics, ibuprophene, diclophenac or contrast agents, bacteria and viruses, these wastewaters need to pe properly treated. Conventional wastewater treatment technologies are unfortunately not suffiently reliable, when it comes to separating these micropollutants. We have a solution to safely capture these during biological treatment: with our MICRODYN BIO-CEL activated carbon process, the harmful contaminants will not end up in our rivers and thus not on our plates.

Air Filtration Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharma filters for the pharmaceutical industry

As a pharma manufacturer you also need to comply with the highest standards when it comes to safety, hygiene and quality, making sure you use highest quality air filters to not contaminate products, keep your people healthy and your company on the safe side, when it comes to being exposed to regulatory risk.

MANN+HUMMEL offers state-of-the-art HVAC, EPA, HEPA, ULPA and molecular filters while making sure you can manage your energy usage and operational costs well.  

Laminar Flow Technology for Operating Theaters

Laminar flow technology for operating theaters

We have more than 60 years of proven expertise in the healthcare industry. To keep people safe when they are most vulnerable, for example during surgery, we offer leading Laminar Flow Technolgy (LFT) solutions for operating theaters. But also prior to and after surgery, patients need to be kept safe from secondary infetions or other health issues which can be arising from inferior air quality.

Our portfolio of air filtration solutions ranges from air filters of different efficiencies, digital air quality management services as well as mobile and stationary air purifiers, which can also be equipped with high quality HEPA filters.   

Ostomy Filters for the adsorption of odors

MANN+HUMMEL also added molecular ostomy filters to its portfolio. These are being used to help patients with an artificial anus overcome their challenge with unpleasant smells and escaping gases. The stoma filters guarantee odor and acid protection and enable a hygienic healing process.