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Air filtration solutions and water purification systems for homes

Household filters for cleaner air and cleaner water at home

MANN+HUMMEL develops customized air and water filtration solutions with and for its various customers from the home appliances segment for different household applications.


Most of us do feel safe at home. But is it really safe? Just because we cannot see it that does not necessarily mean there are no invisible threats which can easily compromise our health and wellbeing.
MANN+HUMMEL develops customized air filtration solutions with and for its various customers from the home appliances segment for different household applications and sells state-of-the-art ultrafiltration water purification systems for your home.

Clean Air for your Home

Within our homes, we are exposed to different harmful air pollutants, such as fine dust, NO2, ozone and pollen from outside but also certain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) e.g. from cleaning detergents we are frequently using, or unhealthy gaseous components, which are being released from our carpets or furnishing.

Residential HVAC filters

These various air pollutants can be safely kept outside if you are installing the right filter elements into your residential HVAC system. Make sure to make both, filtration efficieny and energy consumption (pressure drop), decisive buying criteria.

Indoor Air Cleaners

Room air purifiers and HEPA air filters for better indoor air quality at home, by MANN+HUMMEL

If no residential air conditioning system is available but there is still the desire to enjoy clean indoor air, we also offer filter elements for mobile and stationary air purifiers. These filter elements for air cleaners are available in different configurations:

  • as particle filters only
  • as combined filtration solutions including activaded carbon to remove unpleasant odors and gaseous components,
  • with anti-micorbial pelophenol coating that prevents germs from growing and inactivates free allergens so allergy sufferes and people with astma can breathe freely at home.
  • or as HEPA filters, capturing 99.995% of viruses, bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms.

These HEPA filters are also available as built-in solutions with the OurAir mobile and stationary air purifier range that we have ready for plug-and-play operation in different configurations for room sizes from 40 m2 to up to 200 m2 per device.

Filters for Kitchen Hoods

Residential filters for kitchen hoods by MANN+HUMMEL

While preparing a delicious meal for you and your loved ones, you not only do good but can also do harm: while baking and frying your vegetables, fish or meat in your frying pan, you also produce tiny oil droplets that are mixing with the room´s indoor air and, in addition to the smelly odors that can easily stay sitting in your house for days, you also produce some type of fine dust.

All this can become very unhealthy and unpleasant. In order to prevent this from happening, MANN+HUMMEL develops efficient filter elements for kitchen hoods, so the air is filtered from harmful components right while you are preparing the food.

Filter Elements for Vacuum Cleaners

High-performance filters for vacuum cleaners by MANN+HUMMEL

Vaccuum cleaning is necessary for several reasons: We all want our home to be tidy and clean, free from smaller and larger dust or dirt particles or our pets´ fur.

In addition to that, we want to prevent fungus or mold growth on the filter in your vaccum cleaner and more so the resulting bad smell or possible negative health implications. MANN+HUMMEL offers customized filter media for domestic and industrial air cleaners providing energy saving filter solutions through lowest possible pressure drop.

Clean Drinking Water from the Tap at Home

Water treatment systems for clean drinking water

Drinking tab water at home is supposed to be a healthy decision. In many countries, drinking water directly from the tab is a very usual habit. You can drink it just like that or carbonate it before consuming it. But depending on the quality of the water coming from your local utility,  the age and condition of your building and water piping, on temperature, frequency of usage of the point of use etc., your presumably healthy tab water can also be the carrier of harmful

  • pathogens,
  • legionella,
  • viruses,
  • bacteria,
  • pharmaceutical residues,
  • rust,
  • turbidity and many more contaminants that we sure do not want to have in our bodies.

To be able to ensure consistently high and safe water quality and keep you and your family safe from waterborne infections, it is recommended to purchase and install reliable water purification solutions for domestic use.