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Pollen allergies: How filtration can help against bad air quality and allergens

Allergens in the air make it difficult for many people to breathe. In Europe, more than 60 million people suffer from allergies. In Germany alone, allergies affect one in three people – and the trend is rising. In particular, severe pollen allergies massively reduce the quality of life of those affected.

What’s even more alarming is the fact that pollen allergy sufferers will face even greater challenges in the future. According to recent studies, climate change could have a significant impact on pollen worldwide. The global pollen calendar is already changing rapidly: not only does the pollen season start earlier in many regions, it is also getting longer. At the same time, the pollen count is becoming increasingly severe. This means that the concentration of allergens in the air expands. In addition, increasingly adverse environmental conditions are causing plants to transform their pollen into veritable super allergens that are far more aggressive, having an even bigger impact on health.

What helps sustainably against hay fever allergies? While there are currently various tips, treatments and remedies that can alleviate pollen allergies and reduce symptoms, the only truly effective measure is to reduce exposure to allergens.

This is where air filtration from MANN+HUMMEL can help. Our products reliably remove pollen, fine dust or animal hair from the air. The additional function in FreciousComfort and FreciousPlus filter elements also inactivates free allergens before they are released. As a result, our pollen filters can significantly reduce the concentration of allergens indoors and the burden on allergy sufferers.

Our portfolio against pollen and other airborne allergens at a glance:

  • For ventilation systems: our high-quality ePM1 particle filters trap pollen in the filter. The Airpocket FreciousComfort and Carboactiv Cube FreciousComfort air filters also inactivate free allergens and prevent the growth of mold or bacteria.
  • For mobile air purifiers with activated carbon filter: the HEPA-H14 filter element.
  • For cars, buses and trucks: biofunctional cabin air filters, which are also available in the independent aftermarket under the brand MANN-FILTER FreciousPlus cabin air filter.

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What are allergens?

Allergens are substances that can trigger allergies in sensitive people. One of the main triggers is protein, which is found in foods such as cow's milk or eggs, but also in many allergens in the air. From animal hair and molds, to mites, dust and pollen: if allergy sufferers are exposed to these particles (especially over a long period of time and in high concentrations), the risk of an allergic reaction increases – the best-known of which is probably hay fever (or allergic rhinitis).

Allergy sufferers can avoid allergens in food relatively easily. But we all need to breathe. Whether in cars or buses, schools or offices, factories or restaurants, private homes or public buildings, airborne allergens are not just an outdoor problem. It might seem counterintuitive but allergen concentrations can be particularly high indoors.

How do (pollen) allergies develop?

Constant exposure to allergens over time can lead to a hypersensitive immune system response. An annoying seasonal pollen allergy can even develop into more severe diseases like allergic asthma. Many other factors such as genetic predisposition, stress or hygiene can contribute to the development of allergies. Depending on the pollen weather, pollen allergies may appear as early as February or March (known as early bloom allergies). The peak season is in April, May and June, but pollen allergies are a year-round problem. Increased air pollution and climatic changes around the world play an important role in the pollen calendar, contributing to higher pollen counts. What used to be considered a spring phenomenon is now experienced even in the fall, as massive pollen counts in September or October are quite common in many regions. Many people also suffer from hay fever in winter as high levels of pollen in the air can get trapped in clothes, curtains or carpets.

What helps against pollen allergies?

Nasal congestion, skin rash, sore throat, itchy eyes: during pollen weather, pollen allergies make life difficult for children and adults. The solution is to reduce or avoid contact with allergens as much as possible. However, when it comes to allergies to airborne pollutants, this is difficult to achieve – at least without appropriate air filtration.

Air filters from MANN+HUMMEL against pollen and other allergens in the air

To improve air quality and protect pollen allergy sufferers and others from airborne allergens, we’ve developed air filters for a wide range of applications. Our solutions remove irritants such as animal hair, dust, pollen or mites from the air, ensuring indoor spaces where allergy sufferers can breathe easily. By reducing the amount of pollen in the air our filters ensure that the body is not constantly exposed to high levels of allergens which can help prevent pollen allergies developing.

Our three-layer filter technology for comfort and safety

Whether in HVAC systems or for vehicle interiors, our air filters are effective against pollen, dust and other allergens thanks to three layers that reliably protect against different threats:

  • The particle filter layer filters out the smallest particles such as fine dust or pollen.
  • The activated carbon layer removes unpleasant odors and harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides or ozone during use.
  • The biofunctional layer has an anti-allergenic coating that deactivates allergens with natural polyphenols. This antimicrobial coating also protects against the growth of bacteria and mold on the filter media

Airpocket FreciousComfort for HVAC systems

Our pocket filter line Airpocket FreciousComfort with metal or plastic frame can be used in new or existing HVAC systems to significantly improve indoor air quality. Its anti-allergenic coating reduces the risk of allergic reactions in indoor environments.

Carboactiv Cube FreciousComfort for air filtration systems

The extremely robust 4V plastic Cube is designed for use in new and existing air filtration systems. Thanks to activated carbon, the Carboactiv Cube FreciousComfort not only filters pollen or fine dust from the air, it also adsorbs harmful gases and removes unpleasant odors – to certified quality levels.

Biofunctional cabin air filters for cars, buses and trucks

In an ever-moving world, safe mobility is essential. With anti-allergen filters we can protect vehicle interiors from particulate matter, pollen and many other threats in the ambient air – both as original equipment or in the independent aftermarket as MANN-FILTER FreciousPlus cabin air filter in original equipment quality.

Mobile air purifiers with HEPA H14 filters

The HEPA H14 filter in our mobile room air purifiers for allergy sufferers provides effective protection against pollen, fine dust and animal hair allergies. You can also apply our activated carbon prefilters which bind gaseous indoor pollutants that can trigger allergies – such as VOCs, formaldehyde or fumes from furniture and paints.

Air purification and allergen filtration with MANN+HUMMEL: our contribution to a better quality of life

We are constantly developing new filtration solutions that protect people from fine dust, pollen and other airborne allergens, making life easier for allergy sufferers. Are you interested in effective protection against poor air quality? Do you want to protect your family, friends, guests or employees from allergens, viruses, bacteria or harmful gases? Get in touch with us! Together we will find the right solution.