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Filtration solutions for the food and beverage industry

Food and beverage filters with innovative membrane filtration

Ensure clean air and pure water in your production process with filtration solutions from MANN+HUMMEL.


The food and beverage industry is highly regulated for the health and safety of consumers. Even the smallest increase in contaminant levels can render the food or beverage production unusable. Clean air and clean water are integral to safe food and beverage production. 

Pure Water for High Quality Beverages

Most soft drinks, beer, bottled water and other common beverages, are comprised of more than 90% water. The quality of water is therefore crucial for a good tasting beverage. Impurities, such as

  • suspended particles,
  • certain dissolved solids (or ions),
  • metals,
  • organic matter and
  • bacteria

may result in taste and color defects.  

Membrane filtration technologies including 

  • ultrafiltration (UF),
  • nanofiltration (NF) and 
  • reverse osmosis (RO) 

are commonly used to remove such impurities and produce the desired water quality ideal for beverages. MANN+HUMMEL provides the best performing cellulose acetate (CA) membrane elements for producing high quality water for beverage production.

Membrane Filtration for de-alcoholization of Wine and Beer

Membrane filters for wine and beer dealcoholization

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has somehow become a "movement" in recent years. Besides working out regularly and eating healthy on most of the weekdays, this also includes an increasing demand in non-alcoholic beverages.

Membrane filtration is often used in wine or beer de-alcoholization – not necessarily to produce non-alcoholic versions of these but also to artificially determine a certain amount of alcohol by adding the desired alcohol level back. 

Membrane Filtration for Juice or Vinegar Clarification

Membrane filters for the juice clarification

Tastes can differ very much across regions, age structures or simply out of habit. As commonly known, our taste might also be influenced by visual stimuli – so to say: we taste what we see. One person may prefer natural, turbid apple juice, another person might prefer it clear. Natural vinegar, for example, also contains a certain amount of suspended solids and turbidity, which are filtered out for aesthetic reasons before bottling. 

One common technology to reach perfect results is membrane filtration, which is often times used in applications such es juice or vinegar clarification.

Drinking Water Treatment

MANN+HUMMEL water treatment filters for drinking water

Municipal water supplies are often contaminated with a number of impurities that may be hazardous to human health, such as pathogens, chlorine, heavy metals, and nitrates from pesticides.

While chlorine kills bacteria and oxidizes organics present in feed waters, pathogens, such as cryptosporidium or giardia are resistant to disinfection and must be removed by other methods such as Ultrafiltration (UF).

For further drinking water treatment, Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Nanofiltration (NF) elements have proven to be a successful and cost-effective technology to remove harmful heavy metals, disinfectant byproducts, organics, hardness, TDS, nitrates and color to meet safe drinking water quality requirements.

With our state-of the art biofilters and other point-of-use filters, we make sure you keep in your water only what should be in there and remove all kinds of harmful substances, such as

  • Pathogens
  • Legionella
  • Bacteria
  • Parasites 
  • Turbidity
  • Rust
  • Drug residues
  • Arsenic and
  • Any kinds of disturbing taste

Membrane Filtration for Separation Processes in Dairy and Sweeteners Applications

Membrane filtration for separation processes in dairy and sweeteners applications

In some food production facilities, such as dairy plants and dextrose manufacturing, producers are looking beyond clean air and clean water and using membrane filtration for separation of products, such as whey proteins. 

Membrane filtration is quickly gaining acceptance in the sugar, starch and sweetener industry with producers benefiting from improved yields, reduced costs, more efficient use of power and natural resources and the opportunity of producing specialty products.  

In dairy plants, MANN+HUMMEL elements are used to remove fat, clarify cheese and other food brines, concentrate protein, concentrate and demineralize whey products, and polish permeate streams or condensates from evaporators. 

Clean Air for Food & Beverage Applications

Filters for food and beverage for clean air and clean water, by MANN+HUMMEL

Airborne contamination can lead to food spoilage in the production plant, and foodborne illness to consumers. Airborne pollutants can also cause corrosion to your expensive production machinery – shortening service life and increasing downtime for repairs. MANN+HUMMEL offers air filters that will keep contaminants out of food and beverage production, such as through the HVAC system, in order to meet the highest quality and safety requirements. For extra sensitive production zones, we offer high efficiency 

Also in the less sensitive areas of your facility, you might want to increase the filtration efficiency to HEPA level. Especially in times of pandemic, this has become a welcomed option. With an air filter upgrade to HEPA level in the plant or production site you can make sure to do your utmost to keep your people safe. In the case of certain areas not being equipped with HVAC systems, MANN+HUMMEL also offers mobile room air purifiers. Their built-in HEPA H 14 filters capture more than 99.995% of viruses and keep thus keep potential virus concentrations in the air at a constantly low level.

The OurAir air cleaners provide

  • clinically-clean air 
  • at high air exchange rates and 
  • ultra-quiet operation. 

Optimized system and filter media designs cut down on resistance and boost energy efficiency. The plug-and-play air purifier is a mobile solution for healthy and virus-free air.