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Best-in-class filters for engines & cabin air in rail transport

MANN+HUMMEL offers reliable filtration products to protect the engines of railway applications and high efficiency cabin air filters to protect your employees and travellers.


Rail transport has many facets and plays a vital role in everybody's daily life. The two main areas are private transport or business travel as well as moving goods and raw materials. Whether you need reliable filtration products to protect the engines of railway applications or high efficiency cabin air filters to protect employees and travellers, MANN+HUMMEL offers various solutions fitting to your requests.

Filtration Solutions for Engines

Railway applications have to withstand heavy loads to fulfill their tasks in respect to passenger and freight traffic. High-quality filter systems from MANN+HUMMEL help to avoid wear and to achieve maximum performance even at high speed and under challenging operating conditions. Our product portfolio offers solutions that reliably protect diesel engines and gearboxes, but also high-performance cabin air filters providing a comfortable, pleasant and safe environment and ensuring the safety of passengers and staff.

Air Filtration Solutions for Railways

Most passenger journeys take place in urban areas where air pollution and emission levels are high. This means that train cabins can become unhealthy places containing harmful substances.

MANN+HUMMEL cabin air filters fulfill highest quality standards and reliably protect employees and passengers from harmful pollutants and airborne contaminants like odors or pollen and as a result reduce sickness and absence. By using MANN+HUMMEL filters you can offer the best possible air quality in train cabins.
Railway vehicles are in use globally and require a reliable service infrastructure. MANN+HUMMEL's worldwide distribution network provides you with the filter elements you require at any time and any place.

Air Filtration Solutions for Paint Spray Booths

Paint spray booth filtration for trains and railway vehicles

The perfect finishing of trains and railway vehicles can be realized by MANN+HUMMEL's professional filtration solutions for paint spray booths. They ensure that the make-up air in the spray booths is clean and free from any impurities.

Moreover, efficient filtration products help to overcome challenges like overspray and paint deposits. In order to protect your staff or the environment you can rely on our air filters that securely capture volatile organic compounds from the spray.