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Energy filters for utilities and energy plants

Efficient air and water filters for energy utilities and energy suppliers

Avoid downtimes in your business by using reliable air and water purification solutions from MANN+HUMMEL.


A steady increase in world population, cities becoming larger and more populated, with industries growing, our demand for affordable Energy and Power has constantly been rising. Nowadays, we have many different options how to produce energy.  
Whether it is gas or wind turbines, nuclear power plants or modern combined heat and power plants, emergency power generators, they must work reliably without longer downtimes as this would immediatey result in high costs or other smaller or major collateral damage.  
Utilities companies do have many different challenges to master – adequate air filtration and water treatment or purification representing only a few of them.

Power Generation & Heavy Engines

Modern combined heat and power plants as well as emergency power generators are subject to tough operating requirements. Filter systems for power generators and heavy engines from MANN+HUMMEL offer best quality and protect the systems against wear caused by contamination. In addition, they ensure a high level of operational safety and reliable functioning of diesel and gas generators - even in continuous operation. 

Filtration Solutions for Gas Turbines

MANN+HUMMEL filters for gas turbines

Blade fouling or corrosion, or any other unwanted contamination through smaller or larger contaminants, through inadequate layout of your turbines air intake system, can result in reduced performance or even an unexpected shutdown of your gas turbine. This is why we at MANN+HUMMEL focus on

  • adequate filtration efficiency
  • as minimal as possible differential pressure   

with the goal of finding the perfect balance between air flow and air cleanliness. While keeping your turbine functioning, this will also help save energy.

Filtration Solutions for Inland and Offshore Wind Turbines

Energy filter solutions for wind turbines, by MANN+HUMMEL

Depending on whether your wind tubine is located inland or offshore, it is exposed to different kinds of contaminants and will thus need different filtration solutions to keep it running and fully functioning.  
For inland wind turbines this would be contaminants, e.g. from industrial manufacturing or transportation infrastructure but also other dust or pollen.  
Offshore wind turbines are facing a 24/7 exposure to moist and salts from the sea as well as different kinds of dust that are being carried along with heavy winds. If these various contaminants are not properly filtered and would thus be able to reach the inside of the tower or base, electrical components or any other interior equipment, this can easily result in equipment failure or at least power loss and ultimately in unplanned downtimes and unnecessary maintenance costs.  

Filtration Solutions for Nuclear Power Plants

Energy filter solutions for nuclear power plants, by MANN+HUMMEL

The term "nuclear power plant" sounds dangerous by word already and it does not only sound threatening – it can really become a risk if it is not being operated correctly. 

The entire system including its components is subject to very high safety requirements and regulations. Operating a nuclear power plant and ensuring at all times that workers at the plant as well as nature, animals and people in the immediate and wider surroundings are not exposed to any danger to their lives, is therefore a responsible task. Professional high-performance filters are an important part of the safe operation of a nuclear power plant. Only a few filter manufacturers do have the expertise to meet the extremely high requirements, safety standards to offer quality assurance by means of providing adequate filtration solutions.

Our comprehensive solutions portfolio of

can prevent unplanned downtimes or shutdowns of your nuclear power plant and will safely avoid the accidental release of radioactive airborne pollutants so we do not even come close to a possible need for decontamination. 

Filtration Solutions for Utilities

Air filters for Utilities

Worldwide urban water supply networks (utilities), which involve industrial as well as municipal users, are being fed their water from so called water reservoirs or water buffers. These can either be tanks or actual artificial reservoir lakes. They collect their water from different sources, such as rainfall, nearby rivers or groundwater, whereas groundwater displays the largest fresh water reservoir accessible for human exploitation.  

Since we have been been facing increasingly populated cities or urbanization and industrialization for the past couple of decades, the sources of pollution and ultimately pollution levels have been rising as well.  

Contaminants, such as by-products from incineration plants and transportation, pollen, spores, fungi as well as heavy metals flaoting through the air, can be a big threat to us. Not only can these contaminants just "land" in our water reservoirs and thus poison it but the situation becomes even more severe, once water levels in the reservoir tanks are decreasing and the outside air is being sucked into the tank while carrying the contaminants with it.  

Once these are in the water, the contaminants can easily make it through the pipes into our public buildings or homes.

Fine dust particle filters and HEPA* (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filters from MANN+HUMMEL will prevent this from happening once being installed at the airing pipe of water reservoir tanks by removing tiniest harmdul particles.

*individually tested according to ISO 29463 and EN 1822

Water Purification Equipment for Public or Private Water Utilities

Health begins with pure water. But clean and healthy water cannot be taken for granted, especially when going beyond what´s visible, such as rust or other tiny particles which lead to a certain turbidity of our water.  
MANN+HUMMEL Water & Membrane Solutions offer state of the art ultrafiltration systems for private and public water utilities and makes sure to remove more than 99.99% or pathogens and turbidity from every water source.  

Cooling Tower Blowdown – Water Reuse for Cooling Towers

During and after operation, power plants need to be cooled down or kept at a certain temperature permanently. This for sure requires large amounts of water of very pure quality.  
With global fresh water resources being extremely limited, the need for water treatment technologies for reuse becomes obvious.  
Membrane technology offers a reliable solution for this challenge. Ultrafiltration (UF) membranes are usually being used to remove bacteria, viruses, silica or any larger organic molecules together with suspended solids. This process step is ususally applied as a pre-treatment stage before further treatment with reverse osmosis (RO).  
MANN+HUMMEL offers a large variety of membrane modules including

  • Membrane elements for reverse osmosis and
  • Different types of ultrafiltration modules

Boiler Feed Make Up Water

Different kinds industrial power plants with steam boilers require huge amounts of clean and pure water to secure a proper operation without unwanted system failure or downtimes. If we wouldn´t apply technology to reuse these water amounts needed, we´d inevitably run out of fresh water pretty soon.  
Surface water by means of water from lakes, rivers, the ocean or wetlands, is a conventient water source for industrial and municipal use. Coming from open water sources means this water would necessarily be far from being clean or even sterile but would rather comprise different kinds of contaminants, such als clay, algae, bacteria, salts, minerals or any other material from vegetation. Nevertheless, membrane technology will do its part to make perfectly clean water out of this. With ultrafiltration membrane modules being the tool of choice to remove suspended solids, bacteria, viruses, the cleaned water can than pass its way through the much denser reverse osmosis membrane, which will help produce high purity water without any dissolved salts or anything that could lower your turbine or boiler efficiency and performance.  

Produced Water from Oil & Gas Production

Another source of water which can and should be treated for reuse in other applications is produced water which is water that is brought up to the surface during oil and gas exploitation. This water is challenging to treat as it contains oils as well as different types of suspended solids and bacteria which can be separated by ultrafiltration (UF) membrane technology.