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September 29, 2020

Virus-free Air in Buildings: new HEPA H13 Air Filters for Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems

  • The cold season increases the COVID-19 risk indoors
  • New filter media reduces pressure drop by 50 percent compared to conventional HEPA filters
  • Upgrade possible without increasing the operating costs and without converting systems
Nanoclass Cube Pro Membrane H13 HEPA air filter

Ludwigsburg/ Sprockhövel, October 1, 2020 - Well equipped for the cold season: The MANN+HUMMEL Group offers operators of air conditioning and ventilation systems in buildings a new HEPA H13 air filter in accordance with EN 1822, which reliably filters more than 99.95 percent of viruses, bacteria and micro-organisms from the supply air. Throughout the winter months, the Nanoclass Cube Pro membrane enables a return to systems using energy-efficient circulation air modes. Infectious virus particles that can attach to aerosols, such as SARS-CoV-2, are thus reliably filtered out. Now is the time for facility managers and service companies to prepare their air conditioning and ventilation systems accordingly, because the risk of infection increases as soon as people spend more time indoors again during the cold season. Air conditioning systems that run in a circulatory mode further facilitate this.


The filter offers numerous advantages, not least thanks to MANN+HUMMEL’s decades of expertise in air filtration in cleanrooms and operating theatres: It is energy efficient and its new ePTFE medium reduces the pressure drop by 50 percent compared to conventional HEPA air filters based on micro glass fibers. Combined with the MANN+HUMMEL Airpocket Eco filter in energy efficiency class A+, the usual operating cost of a ventilation or air conditioning system barely differs compared to a “pre-Corona” configuration of filters. Moreover, the Nanoclass Cube Pro membrane meets the requirements of fire protection class E according to EN 13501. Since the air filter is offered in various standard dimensions, it can be used in almost any HVAC system without problem and without having to convert systems.

With the Nanoclass Cube Pro Membrane for central AC and ventilation systems, MANN+HUMMEL is expanding its portfolio of solutions for virus-free indoor air in buildings. It is thus positioning itself as a development partner and complete supplier for air hygiene. The mobile air purifiers of the OurAir product line are also part of the program (see the September 15th press release: link). The antiviral solutions are building blocks for the path back to the social and economic life before Corona.

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Sabine Wagner

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