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April 25, 2021

Air filters compliant with fire safety regulations

External fire safety assessment confirms MANN+HUMMEL air filters for HVAC systems conform with the latest fire safety standard EN 13501 class E.

MANN+HUMMEL air filters for HVAC systems comply with fire safety standard EN 13501 class E

Ludwigsburg/Sprockhövel, 27th April 2021 – MANN+HUMMEL air filters for room ventilation systems comply with the latest fire safety standard EN 13501 class E (normal flammability). An external fire safety assessment confirms that MANN+HUMMEL air filters, both individual components and the filter as a whole, do not increase the risk of fire spreading or the development of smoke gases in the case of a fire. “In order to guarantee the efficient and, above all, safe operation of a HVAC system, building operators should definitely consider an air filter’s fulfilment of fire safety standard EN 13501 alongside filter and energy efficiency,” explains Frank Spehl, Director of R&D Europe for the Life Science & Environment Air Filtration division at MANN+HUMMEL.

The fire safety of room ventilation systems in buildings is regulated by EN 15423. For air filters, it states that materials must be classified regarding reaction to fire under EN 13501-1.

EN 13501 has replaced DIN 53438, which is still cited in many tenders today. EN ISO 11925-2 continues to be used as the basis for testing, but smoke development and dripping are now also evaluated. Both are important additions to preventative fire safety that were not taken into account in the old DIN 53438. Components that give off a large amount of smoke or drip when burning significantly increase fire risk to humans. Smoke in particular is more dangerous to humans than the fire itself, as it can lead to smoke poisoning and suffocation. Preventative fire safety is given considerably more regard through EN 13501.

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