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January 28, 2021

MANN+HUMMEL donates antiviral air purifiers to the Stuttgart Children's and Youth Hospice

Donation handover of antiviral air purifiers from the MANN+HUMMEL Group to the Stuttgart Children's and Youth Hospice

Ludwigsburg/Stuttgart, January 28, 2021 – Since the outbreak of the Corona virus pandemic, it have been particularly institutions such as the Children's and Youth Hospice Stuttgart who have been struggling with the profound effects: Affected families are additionally impacted by the extensive hygiene and distance regulations, while the facilities can accommodate significantly fewer people due to the occupancy restrictions. Further, employees and many volunteers are unable to meet their demand for adequate care - due to the given premises.

With the help of antiviral air purifiers from the MANN+HUMMEL Group, the Stuttgart Children's and Youth Hospice is now able to provide a sense of normality again, for staff and those affected alike. Jan-Eric Raschke, Director & Chief Product Owner Public Air Solutions, today handed over two air purifiers to the head of the Stuttgart Children's and Youth Hospice, Michaela Müller. "The restrictions resulting from the Corona virus pandemic have made our work enormously difficult for months. For this reason, we are very pleased about the air purifiers and are grateful that we can now solve many problems with them. It could also make everyday life easier and safer for other facilities," Müller explained.

The built-in HEPA H14 filters (individually tested according to ISO 29463 & EN 1822) of the two mobile and stationary air purifiers OurAir TK 850 and OurAir SQ 2500 are capable of safely filtering more than 99.995 percent of viruses, bacteria and microorganisms from the air. As a result, they help to significantly minimize infection risks indoors. "I am proud that with our technologies we are able to support, among others, facilities such as the Stuttgart Children's and Youth Hospice in maintaining their regulated operations. We also offer leasing models to make the purchase process easier, especially for public and social institutions. However, it is essential that politicians reach a consensus over measures that would enhance the acquisition," said Raschke. 

Air purifiers are a supplementary measure to the current hygiene and distance regulations and an important component for a faster return to a familiar daily routine. They are also useful in the long term, because not only do they filter the SARS-CoV virus, but also others such as flu and cold viruses or free allergens. Thus, people can be additionally protected against infection with colds or flu viruses.

Further information can be found here: https://airfiltration.mann-hummel.com/

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