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August 11, 2021

The self-cleaning air filter

With the new ENTARON XR from MANN+HUMMEL, the risky manual cleaning of the air filter element in construction and agricultural machinery becomes a thing of the past.

Self-cleaning air filter ENTARON XR Self-cleaning air filter ENTARON XR

Ludwigsburg, August 2021 – ENTARON XR: The air filter that cleans itself. And saves costs at the same time. MANN+HUMMEL is thus once again setting new standards in filtration technology and sparing agricultural and construction machinery owners the previously risky manual cleaning of the air filter element. Especially in dusty regions as well as depending on the application, there is a more frequent need to change the air filter element of an agricultural machine. Otherwise, the engine is no longer supplied with sufficient air. The result: less power or higher fuel consumption. Depending on the accessibility of the air filter, filter replacement may take some time. A common practice is manual mechanical cleaning of the filter element, which can result in damage to the filter element. If the damaged element continues to be used, this can lead to increased wear on the engine and even engine damage. There is a risk of machine failure.

„With the new ENTARON XR, machine operators save themselves a lot of work, because the MANN+HUMMEL air filter cleans itself. Unplanned or preventive cleaning by hand, during which dust particles that are harmful to health can affect the operator, is no longer necessary“, says Benoit Tronet, Senior Manager Sales at MANN+HUMMEL. „In addition to machine operators, owners of agricultural and construction machinery in particular benefit from the innovative air filter due to the lower maintenance requirements, increased filter service life and longer service life. By using the ENTARON XR, they save on overall costs“, adds Jörg Hammerschick, Global Product Manager Air Cleaner Systems at MANN+HUMMEL.

Impulse cleaning technology

The advantages speak for themselves: a maintenance interval that is up to 25 times longer, less manual service, reduced downtimes and higher machine availability. To achieve this, the filtration experts at MANN+HUMMEL have consistently further developed an existing product: The ENTARON XR is based on the proven ENTARON XD two-stage air filter. A solenoid valve connected to a compressed air reservoir triggers a compressed pneumatic pressure surge, which is directed through a nozzle into the air filter. This leads to cleaning and frees the surface of the filter element from dust and dirt particles. Users no longer have to worry about the right time for cleaning: A pressure sensor installed on the air filter gives the signal, which automatically triggers pulse cleaning by the vehicle electronics. The released dust is then extracted via the fan system or the exhaust system.

Newly developed filter media

The ENTARON XR also convinces with its filter media. The media used is MICROGRADE A-C-ME F1 which is a new development and combines the durability of conventional cellulose‑based filter media with a high-performance PTFE membrane. The membrane prevents filter pores from being irreversibly clogged with fine dust particles and enables extremely good and consistently reproducible cleanability. In addition, the membrane provides excellent protection for the engine components against harmful dust. The separation efficiency for fine test dust is higher than 99.997 percent. As a result, the passage of dust is reduced by roughly a factor of fifty compared to conventional cellulose-based filter media.

First series application

The self-cleaning air filter will firstly be fitted as an option to Fendt 900 and 1000 Vario tractors. The user can manually initiate the cleaning cycle of 30 seconds or it can be carried out fully automatically and is signaled by a popup window on the display. More details on the application at Fendt are available here.

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