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Filtration solutions for waste management

State-of-the-art molecular filters for professional waste management

Professional waste management is an important buidling block to enable sustainable cities and make them a place worth living in.


Professional waste management is an important building block to enable sustainable cities and make them a place worth living in. The management of waste is supposed to be a fairly comprehensive and advanced holistic approach that starts from the inception to its final disposal. It can make up for 20 to 50% of municipal budgets and is by far not established everywhere in the world. Especially developing countries are still struggling to develop functioning and efficient ways to manager their waste sustainably.  

Waste management is not only important for aesthetic reasons but also for health and environmental reasons. There is many different ways to correctly dispose of and mange waste, which can be solid, liquid or gaseous.  

Molecular Filtration Solutions for Gaseous Wastes

Wastes can produce many gaseous by-products, such as unpleasant odors, humidity, and a variety of volatile organic compouns. With the acquisition of heslatech, MANN+HUMMEL extended ist portfolio and expertise in molecular filtration solutions, which help to manage odorous sulfur compounds and toxins that might be the most noticeable companion of waste management plants. On addition to adsorbing these waste odors, molecular filtration also provides preventive protection against sewer wear by means of surface corrosion protection and the reduction of risk of explosion.

Liquid Waste Management

Filters for the wastewater treatment sewage

Liquid waste is one of the trickiest wastes to treat and managed because it cannot just easily be removed from the environment like for example solid waste. It can easily spread out and soak into soil and groundwater and thus pollute the whole ecosystem. Therefore, it can become a major threat to us humans or animals.  
Before discharging liquid wastes, the liquids need to be properly treated so all harmful components can be safely captured. Membrane technology is one key enabler to separate the useful from the harmful, accordingly.  

During wastewater treatment sewage sludge is produced. Sewage sludge contains high loads of water and in order to reduce disposal costs, the weight of the sewage sludge needs to be reduced. This so called dewatering process can be performed through cetrifugation, filtration or evaporation.

The filtrate resulting from the dewatering step needs further treatment before discharge as it usually contains high loads of phosporous and nitrogen. With BIO-CELMANN+HUMMEL´s Water & Membrane Solutions division, offers state-of-the-art ultrafiltration membranes and modules that can be applied in Membrane Bioreactor plants for efficient wastewater treatment. After treatment, the filtered water can either be recycled into the process or safely  discharged without posing any risk to pollute soil and groundwater.