Senzit is a smart air cleaner monitor which measures the status of air cleaners in real time and transfers service-relevant information to users via an app. The optimal planning of maintenance saves time and brings many advantages to the customer.

The air cleaner monitor Senzit saves time and nerves for users. This is because using Senzit the air cleaner will in future communicate when a service is necessary. Thanks to extensive assistance functions, users receive important information via an app on the smartphone or tablet. This means that information on service-relevant factors such as load status or remaining service life of the filter element is available at any time. Senzit determines this information from numerous sensors which measure vehicle data and the ambient conditions. That simplifies the planning of maintenance times and protects against unplanned machine downtimes. This clever solution changes conventional filters into smart products and enables them to be easily monitored. However, Senzit makes life more difficult for vehicle thieves because with Senzit, as well as knowing where and for how long the vehicle has been in use, users are also able to locate their vehicle if it has been stolen.

Senzit application example:

Air cleaner IQORON VP 25
  • Two-stage air cleaner for extremely dusty conditions
  • Excellent performance thanks to innovative VarioPleat technology
  • Shortened air flow routings to engine through 45 degree clean air connection
  • Compact design saves up to 15 percent installation space
  • Quick and easy servicing