We AIM for clean air - Assessment. Improvement. Management.

qlair is the leading platform for proactive clean air management in commercial buildings using Artificial Intelligent (AI) based technology.

With qlair, enjoy proactive clean air products by eliminating the need for constant check ups of all sensors and hardware. With our simple steps, you can assess your facility’s needs, improve the environment and manage air quality for less.
What we offer:

  • Data Visualization: The billions of data generated by air quality sensors are translated into actionable insights for autonomous adjustment.
  • Forecast Air Pollution: Up to 8 hours prediction of the indoor air quality will allow the purification system to perform proactively.
  • Event Recognition: Recognizes the pollution patterns and supports demand-driven ventilation and building management optimization.

"How can we live in the 21st century, knowing about the problem of air quality and still facing the problem of breathing polluted air?"

Ellie Amirnasr sein, CEO von qlair


Here you can find more information about qlair - the intelligent solution to measure and evaluate air quality.

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Ellie Amirnasr
CEO of qlair