Innovation in Air Filtration

Tri-Dim is known for offering innovative filtration solutions and services. Now combined with MANN+HUMMEL’s expertise in manufacturing and Research & Development, we are positioned to be the industry leader. The goal is to reduce your expenditures and provide your facility clean air.

Tri-Dim and MANN+HUMMEL share an obsession for customer satisfaction.  Tri-Dim was founded on the principle of ‘Value-In-Use’.  This founding principle is now our legacy and is still our guiding philosophy today.  ‘Value-In-Use’ simply stated is that the true value of a product should come from the products use. This is accomplished by providing such benefits as longer service life, better efficiencies, energy savings and other benefits through innovative approaches to air filtration.

Value-In-Use added with our application knowledge, high quality product and now the backing of MANN+HUMMEL, make Tri-Dim the clean air solution company.


Our job is to provide clean air and the highest level of customer service - we are committed to providing just that.  Nothing less is acceptable!

Mark King, President of Tri-Dim Filter Corporation


Your contact at Tri-Dim

Mark King
President Tri-Dim Filter Corporation

Mark King is President of Tri-Dim Filter Corporation and is available to answer your questions concerning Clean Air.