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    MANN+HUMMEL acquires Hardy Filtration

    Ludwigsburg (Germany) / Quebec (Canada) August 5, 2019 – MANN+HUMMEL today announced it has finalized the acquisition of Hardy Filtration, a Canada-based air filtration company. This will expand the global footprint and manufacturing capabilities of Tri-Dim Filter Corporation´s business, which...

    MANN+HUMMEL publishes corporate responsibility report
    The focus is on filtration solutions for clean mobility, clean air and clean water

    Ludwigsburg, July 30, 2019 – Today MANN+HUMMEL published its corporate responsibility report for 2018. The sustainable solutions of the company are focused on the areas of clean mobility, clean air and clean water. The report was created in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)...

    MANN+HUMMEL acquires shares in Seccua Holding AG

    • Expansion of the portfolio in the water filtration business • Expansion of the range of solutions for drinking water applications for Point of Entry & Point of Use applications • Strategic partnership for joint growth


    As the World's leading lrade lair for environmental technologies, IFAT showcases strategies and new solutions for using resources in smart cycles in water, sewage, waste and raw materials management to ensure they are preserved for the long term.

    Waste water treatment

    How can we use water effectively, make it available and in the process protect the environment? The clear objective of MANN+HUMMEL is that we would like to use our technology to enable sustainable water management and efficient water treatment.

    Membrane filtration for food and dairy products

    We use a process with special membranes for food and dairy products. Using membrane filtration, we offer our customers effective treatment processes for the treatment of milk or purification of fruit juices, which meet even the strictest requirements.

    Leader in the field of membrane technology

    MICRODYN-NADIR is a leading global manufacturer of membranes and modules used in micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration and reverse osmosis. We manufacture products which reliably and efficiently meet all our customer requirements.

    Microplastics and multi-resistant germs
    The invisible danger

    Micropollutants, multi-resistant germs and microplastics in treated waste water represent a danger for people and the environment. MANN+HUMMEL and its subsidiary MICRODYN-NADIR are meeting this challenge with modern membrane technology. A pilot project is showing the first results.

    Water treatment

    Water is our most precious resource. MANN+HUMMEL, together with its subsidiary MICRODYN-NADIR, offers innovative membrane technology for the treatment of water for everyday use at home and also for industry.