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Global research network

In the development of new technology we rely on a global network of researchers, universities and academic institutes. In this way we combine our expertise to enable us together to meet the challenges of the future.

MANN+HUMMEL global network of researchers, universities and academic institutes

In order to find answers to questions of the future, we have to share our knowledge. We therefore rely on our global research and development network. The flagship of our research work is our Technology Center in Ludwigsburg. Here we are working round the clock to further improve our products and ensure they meet the requirements of our customers. This is where we thoroughly test new products. In the development of these new technologies and products, closeness to industry and academic networks is important. Our R&D specialists totaling more than 1,200 around the world therefore work closely with universities and academic institutions. At the university of applied sciences in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, for example, we have founded our own Innovation Center. There are also numerous joint ventures with universities in other countries and regions of the world. Here you can gain an insight. Would you also like to work as a partner in our R&D network? Then contact us and find out more about the possibilities in detail. We will be happy to hear from you.