The world of Senzit

Digital transformation and agile working methods

On the Centennial Campus of North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina scientific pioneers and real-world applications come together. Between the university’s buildings is the North Carolina Innovation Center, here, in MANN+HUMMEL’s innovation lab, the Senzit team is situated.

Senzit is MANN+HUMMEL’s revolutionary digital platform and emblematic of this type of collaboration. "With 77 years of experience in the filtration sector, we are already known for the best products in this field.  Now, with new global partnerships, we can develop and go-to market with groundbreaking digital solutions." explains Tara Fusco. Senzit’s approach: digital transformation through open partnerships and agile methodologies.

Fusco, the Marketing & Communications Manager for Senzit, brings seven years of experience in the technology industry, specifically Big Data and software-as-a-service. She understands the challenges of digitization and disruption. "From our distribution channels to our development partners, everyone plays a role in the success of digital transformation," she explains. "However, adopting the ideal environment for digital product development is mentally and physically a paradigm shift.”

Agile methodologies help to succeed

The key ingredient in this paradigm shift: Agile methodologies. This new way of working has not only made its way into companies large and small, but into headlines around the world. To Senzit, agile means fostering flexibility, customer-driven feature development, and rapid, iterative design before, during and after product launch. "It is important that we champion agility and continuous improvement. This enables us to address the needs of our customers and go-to-market with newer features, faster."

The Senzit dedicated team of 10 is cross-functional and made up of the critical skills necessary to the success of an agile environment. "An engineer thinks differently than a marketer or business development manager. But leveraging an interdisciplinary team with different perspectives is the exact reason we can develop the best solutions for our customers." says Fusco. 

Proximity is key as this team works so closely together – literally. There are no walls or cubicles in the Senzit office. Instead, open rooms and short communication ways prevail. "We are building the infrastructure for future digital products. By working so closely together, every day, we are increasing Senzit's brand awareness and addressing unmet market needs,” explains Fusco. "Many factors play a role, including data-driven marketing, advanced product analysis, and continuous interaction with current and potential customers.”

With Senzit’s US market debut only a few months ago, exciting new developments are already on the horizon including cutting-edge features, a growing customer advisory board, and global market expansion.

About Senzit

Senzit is a real-time, digital solution that combines the power of telematics and artificial intelligence to protect engine performance, increase visibility, and reduce downtime. Supported by 77 years of filtration experience, Senzit's advanced analytics, intuitive platform, and continuous global positioning enable users to optimize maintenance, monitor dust load and boost efficiency. Senzit is located in Raleigh, North Carolina and backed by MANN+HUMMEL, the leading global filtration specialists. 

Here you can find more information about Senzit - the digital monitoring tool for agricultural and construction machinery by MANN+HUMMEL.

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