Innovations and creativity

Particulate filter in a motorcycle helmet? Fine dust eater? Bionic filter? – MANN+HUMMEL is using its creativity and ability to take a broader view to develop solutions to meet the challenges of the future. Here we like to take inspiration from nature.

The development of creative ideas requires taking a broad view. This approach is consistently applied in the company. Inspired by nature or playfully meeting the challenges of society, we use creativity to solve problems and in this way come up with innovative ideas. In this process, we are not afraid to intensively take on big tasks. We further develop our new products and test them in the laboratory and the field. 

Our articles about innovations and creativity

MANN+HUMMEL is a leading global expert in filtration. The Original Equipment Division develops high-performance products for a wide range of applications with different operating conditions - from passenger cars and commercial vehicles to construction and agricultural machinery, rail vehicles, machine tools and other industrial applications. Our products meet the highest quality standards and thus reliably protect your machines and applications.

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Aviation based on the principles of bird flight, fasteners based on the claw of the tiger, and Velcro products based on how burs cling on are impressive examples of technical innovations which were inspired by nature. The researchers at MANN+HUMMEL also draw on nature to make their products more durable and more effective.

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The roads of the mega-city of Mumbai are packed with thousands of scooters and motorcycles. MANN+HUMMEL developed a new particulate filter in India specially for use with a motorcycle helmet that protects the rider against the high level of pollution on the roads.

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