Comprehensive system competence

The engineers intensively used flow simulations to reduce the pressure loss in the system in order to maximize engine performance.

Brilliance uses the systems competence of MANN+HUMMEL in its new vehicle Zhonghua V7. The filtration specialist supplies air cleaner systems and charge air ducts.

Good experiences get around: for the air cleaner system for a new drive based on the Prince engine developed by PSA and the BMW Group, the Chinese car manufacturer Brilliance decided to use MANN+HUMMEL as its supplier. Brilliance and the BMW Group are joint venture partners. MANN+HUMMEL was already responsible for the development and series production of the intake system for the European Prince engine. The European car manufacturer had a very good experience with that project. A further positive point is that also in China closeness to the customer literally is a factor for success. The priorities of Brilliance are local competence from contact partners, quick and reliable supply chains and uniform quality standards. These are precisely the advantages offered by MANN+HUMMEL with its location at Changchun in China.

Air cleaner system for the 1.6 liter and 1.8 liter turbo gasoline engines of Brilliance

Dirty air duct - injection molded section

Dirty air duct - blow molded section

Air filter element

Air cleaner housing

Clean side duct

Common goal

The worldwide presence of MANN+HUMMEL is an important part of its company profile. All of the steps from the development to the finished product for series production are made in the company‘s global development and production network. In this process, for example, Product Coaches from the respective Center of Competence support local functions and teams. The successful approach was also efficiently applied in this project.

Local MANN+HUMMEL experts developed an air cleaner system and charge air ducts for the Chinese car manufacturer. The air cleaner system is produced using injection molding and blow molding technology. The air filter element offers excellent filtration performance with a separation efficiency of up to 99.5 percent. In addition, the Poka-Yoke design of the filter ensures that during a service the new filter is fitted in the right position. The engineers intensively used flow simulations to reduce the pressure loss in the system in order to maximize engine performance. Additionally, they paid special attention to the acoustics and integrated broadband silencers, Helmholtz resonators and lambda quarter tubes in the injection molded section of the dirty air duct. As a result, it was possible to considerably reduce the intake noise and improve drive comfort.

Filter change with a single action

A special feature is the design of the dirty air duct which has a patent pending. It can be easily removed using a clip connection to change the oil filter which is located underneath and facilitate the fitting of the air cleaner system. Here one section of the blow molded duct is not inserted axially into its counterpart as is usually the case, but is clipped on using a semi-circular fixture. When changing the oil filter element the duct section can be removed with a swivel movement to allow direct access to the filter. After the replacement of the filter, the duct can be easily inserted and clipped on again. The complex air cleaner project for Brilliance is the biggest project so far in this product area at the MANN+HUMMEL location in Changchun.