MANN+HUMMEL is the worldwide leader in filtration and advocate for solutions promoting clean air, clean water, and clean mobility. By combining 77 years of filtration expertise with strong partnerships and the latest technology, we understand how to separate the useful from the harmful. For clean air at home, at work and on the go, MANN+HUMMEL offers diverse solutions and modern platforms to protect the world's machinery, encourage healthy environments, and foster a clean future.

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Fine Dust Eater

Clean Air. Healthy Environments.

With "Fine Dust Eater" MANN+HUMMEL presents a digital technology platform to measure and reduce particulate matter in urban areas. It includes customizable filtration solutions for vehicles and stationary applications as well as the use of smart technologies for air quality monitoring. Using the filtration solutions Brake Dust Particle Filter, Fine Dust Particle Filter and Filter Cube it would be possible to reduce the air pollution in a city caused by particulates. If more cars, commercial vehicles, busses, underground trains and suburban railways and also advertising pillars were fitted with the filters, more particulates could be filtered out of the ambient air.

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Air Quality Manager

qlair, the intelligent solution for clean air management works with air quality sensors and intelligent building systems. Using innovative algorithms qlair is able to provide proactive clean air management. By predicting events with poor air quality, qlair enables an early and effective response. The result is an optimal balance between air quality, equipment condition and energy consumption.

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Smart solutions for best indoor air

Did you know that air pollution levels inside can be two to fivetimes higher than outside? Especially indoors, where we spend 90% of our time, clean air makes a significant contribution to our well-being. With OurAir MANN+HUMMEL combines its expertise in filtration and clean air, with the latest in smart technology. It’s a connected solution that issues continuously air quality measurement, and the improvement of air quality by means of mobile air purifiers and air filters for HVAC systems. Whether in office buildings, hotels or shopping centers, OurAir provides clean indoor air everywhere.

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Water treatment more efficient.

Today, a great variety of industries like water, wastewater, oil, gas, metal, food and beverage depend on membrane filtration for water treatment. Operators of membrane systems face an array of challenges, including reducing high operational costs and capital expenditures, as well as insuring the reliability of their processes.

STREAMETRIC is the simple and intuitive Internet of Things (IoT) platform for membrane-plant operators and system-integrators. STREAMETRICs AI-driven predictions enable its users to prevent downtime, achieve cost savings, and accelerate troubleshooting.

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MANN-FILTER FreciousPlus

The barrier against allergens and bacteria

With the FreciousPlus cabin air filter MANN-FILTER is taking its inspiration from nature with a biofunctional coating. The cabin air filter has a polyphenol coating that binds free-floating allergens and prevents them almost completely from entering the vehicle interior via the air conditioning system. Another function of the biofunctional layer is its antimicrobial effect, which the FreciousPlus uses to prevent allergenic bacteria and moulds from multiplying. The high-performance filter medium eliminates almost all particulate matter hazardous to health (PM 2.5). It also contains a further layer that retains unpleasant odors and harmful gases such as ozone, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide.

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Intelligent cabin air filter system for extended driving range

One of the main challenges for electric mobility is the extension of the driving range. By heating and cooling the vehicle interior, energy is extracted from the battery which is not available for driving. At the same time, the demands regarding the quality of the interior air are increasing significantly.

The FreciousSmart cabin air filter system developed by MANN+HUMMEL is an innovative concept which sets new standards. Using an intelligent fresh air management, the system is able to save a considerable amount of energy and this in turn has a positive effect on the driving range of electric vehicles. At the same time the system reliably protects the vehicle occupants against particulates, harmful gases, allergens and other substances harmful to health.

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The first predictive maintenance platform for heavy-duty fleets.

MANN+HUMMEL's latest line of digital products is aimed at providing sustainable solutions by creating an ecosystem that supports healthy environments for assets and people. The Senzit product line focuses on empowering businesses with a next-generation predictive maintenance platform to increase uptime and reduce organizational waste.

From the construction industry to the energy sector, the Senzit platform harnesses the power of condition-based logic and machine learning algorithms to deliver real-time machine data and actionable insights to the user anytime, anywhere.

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