Filters for Reducing Particulate Pollution in Bus and Rail Traffic

Ludwigsburg, Berlin, September 11, 2018. Passengers in public transport are frequently exposed to high particulate pollution and therefore hazards to their health. The filtration specialist MANN+HUMMEL in Ludwigsburg hopes to change that with the development of a Fine Dust Particle Filter that can be used both in mobile installations on buses and trains and in stationary installations in underground stations, bus stops, or other places with high levels of particulate pollution. The company is exhibiting its technologies at InnoTrans 2018 in Berlin.

Mobile Fine Dust Particle Filter

MANN+HUMMEL presented the mobile Fine Dust Particle Filter for the first time in 2017 at a very early stage in its development. As part of their "Fine Dust Eater" project, the filtration experts tested the technology in field tests with own experimental vehicles in Germany, India, and China. The filter achieves the target separation efficiency of 80 percent of particulates (PM10).

The Fine Dust Particle Filter can be installed on the roof of a bus or train, for example. There, it filters particulates out of the air. The particularly low flow resistance of the filter elements used permit the maximum possible volume flow and a very high separation performance with very low energy demands.

Fans also suck in air from the environment, supporting the ambient air flow towards the element. This means that vehicles can filter particulates out of the surrounding air even when the vehicle stands still. Sensors and a cloud connection allow data about air, weather, and filtration performance to be collected and analyzed.

Stationary Fine Dust Particale Filter – Filter Cube

MANN+HUMMEL has also been testing stationary filter solutions since the end of last year. The company has put up a test installation in front of its technology center in Ludwigsburg. A newly developed Filter Cube is especially well-suited for use in places with high traffic density. People are exposed to high levels of particulate pollution at bus stops and train stations. The MANN+HUMMEL Filter Cube can contribute to the protection of travelers.

Also equipped with Fine Dust Particle Filters and fans, it actively filters particulates out of the surrounding air. Depending on requirements, multiple Filter Cubes can also be installed above one another in a modular system. The company is also developing filtration concepts that can be integrated directly into bus stops or set up in the form of advertising panels and information walls.

At the start of the coming particulate alarm season in October 2018, the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg and the city of Stuttgart will be placing MANN+HUMMEL Filter Cubes along the Neckartor in Stuttgart. The goal is to use the filters to reduce particulate pollution, in particular on days with particulate alarms. The filters are even more powerful in closed or semi-closed environments like bus stops and train stations. MANN+HUMMEL based its development of the technology on its many years of experience in the filtration of interior spaces.

Further information

About 47,000 people in Germany die every year from particulate matter, according to WHO estimates. MANN+HUMMEL is carrying out a research project called "Fine Dust Eater" to reduce particulate pollution in urban concentrations. In August of 2017, a field test with an experimental vehicle started in the Stuttgart region, testing different filter technologies. One of those is the Fine Dust Particle Filter. In the meantime, the project has been expanded to more vehicles and other countries (India, China, Korea, Japan). More information at