MANN-FILTER: Innovations in OE quality

Ludwigsburg, 11th September 2018 - MANN-FILTER offers innovative products in 100 % OE quality for the independent aftermarket. The portfolio includes solutions for both passenger cars and trucks, as well as for off-highway applications.

The MANN‑FILTER brand from leading filtration expert MANN+HUMMEL offers numerous products for use both in the OE market and independent aftermarket. The company has for example developed new air filters with flexible external contours that make efficient use of the ever-shrinking installation space in the vehicle. As MANN‑FILTER Flexline C 26 017 and C 30 030, the air filters are available on the independent automotive aftermarket. With the innovative MANN‑FILTER C 25 024 air filter, a new development is also available for the commercial vehicle segment, which allows for easy cleaning of the housing.
"Through the use of identical parts in the OE market and the aftermarket, we offer 100 percent OE quality in our MANN‑FILTER products,“ explains Karsten Müller, Director of Product Management IAM at MANN+HUMMEL. "Our customers can therefore always rely on Original MANN‑FILTER products.“

Flexible outer contours for enhanced performance
One example among many MANN‑FILTER products to be found in new cars is the patent-pending Flexline air filter with its flexible outer contours. The same filter is also available in 100% OE quality on the independent aftermarket in the yellow and green MANN‑FILTER packaging.
The MANN‑FILTER Flexline efficiently utilizes installation spaces with curved outer contours. Because the air filter contours are manufactured using state-of-the-art laser technology, virtually any shape can be produced. MANN‑FILTER Flexline therefore represents a viable alternative to flat air filters with straight rectangular, trapezoid and polygonal edges, while also offering significant advantages: The C 26 017 air filter impresses with features such as 11% greater filter surface area, 22% higher dust holding capacity, and 16% lower pressure loss. At the same time, the new Flexline air filters are also flatter than standard products, which means that can be used in particularly low installation spaces.
MANN+HUMMEL has filed several patents for their manufacturing process and the design of the Flexline air filter with the German Patent and Trademark Office as well as in other countries.

OE quality also in commercial vehicles
"We not only rely on OE quality in passenger cars, but also in the off-highway and commercial vehicle segments," says Müller. "For commercial vehicles, for example, we offer a new air filter with a sealing lip on the lower end plate. This is already being used in serial production for a commercial vehicle manufacturer. In the independent automotive aftermarket the same filter is available as MANN‑FILTER C 25 024 for several Scania NCG trucks.“

Easy servicing
When the air filter is removed upward out of its housing during the change, an opening is exposed in the housing floor. If the filter housing is so badly soiled that it needs to be rinsed with water, the impurities can simply drain through this opening. The new filter is inserted with the aid of a mechanical guide to ensure that it is securely seated in the correct position. The dirt discharge opening is closed off by the sealing lip of the lower end plate. This ensures that the air filter system is tight during operation.

The innovative air filter offers good water stability, a separation efficiency of 99.9% with ISO-certified test dust, and a dirt holding capacity of up to 4.4 pounds of particulate matter. A spiral-wound strip ensures grip protection through the tight winding in the upper filter area. It also stabilizes the folds to prevent them from clumping together in a block during operation so that the full filter surface area is maintained. The metal-free filter element means that the new MANN‑FILTER C 25 024 is completely incinerable for environmentally friendly disposal.
A patent has been registered with the German Patent and Trade Mark Office for the connection between the end plate and housing.

In addition to many other innovations, both the MANN‑FILTER Flexline and the MANN‑FILTER C 25 024 are being presented at the Automechanika 2018 in Frankfurt.

Further information on Original MANN‑FILTER OE quality for workshops and wholesalers is available on the website

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