MANN+HUMMEL Publishes First Corporate Responsibility Report

Ludwigsburg, September 6, 2018 – For the first time in its 77 year history, the MANN+HUMMEL Group presents a snapshot of its global corporate responsibility in the form of a corporate responsibility report.

In 2017, the filtration specialist started elaborating its strategic approach with regards to corporate responsibility, which included increased transparency. The report was created in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards and was published today.

Filtration separates the useful from the harmful. From air pollution to contaminated water – there is a great need for filtration throughout the world. Thus, for MANN+HUMMEL, its core competency, filtration, is the basis of its business and, at the same time, its duty of responsibility.
As early as the 1950s, the company founders Adolf Mann and Erich Hummel were doing far more than was contractually required of them; they established a corporate health insurance company, instituted housing development programs, and even introduced profit-sharing for employees.

Key areas of corporate responsibility at MANN+HUMMEL

The current focus of MANNN+HUMMEL’s corporate responsibility is presented in the report using four key phrases: value added, valued communities, value endurance, and value oriented.

MANN+HUMMEL’s innovative strength makes a particular contribution to its value added. Every day, the company’s agenda focuses on research in the area of pioneering technologies for the health and mobility of people. The family-owned company appreciates the value of its employees by offering them attractive working conditions. MANN+HUMMEL also includes commitment to local communities at its locations under the umbrella of appreciation of value. It maintains partnerships with non-profit organizations and supports employees in their social commitments.

The responsible handling of natural resources by MANN+HUMMEL and its suppliers, as well as the protection of employees through occupational safety measures and measures to promote their health are covered under the areas of value endurance. Under value orientation, MANN+HUMMEL includes its express commitment to comply with all statutory regulations as well as activities to prevent corruption, competition law violations, and other legal infringements.

Kai Knickmann, President & General Manager OE at MANN+HUMMEL: "Sustainability is a key driver of our business. With our core competence in filtration, we contribute to clean air, clean water and clean mobility. But corporate responsibility is more than that. This is why we have developed a strategic approach, including the publication of our first corporate responsibility report.”

Activities in 2017

In 2017, MANN+HUMMEL focused on city centre air quality with its technology platform "Fine Dust Eater". With various filter technologies, the company contributes to the reduction of fine dust pollution. New technologies from the filtration specialist also ensure clean indoor air, increased energy efficiency of vehicles, and clean conditions for electric drive technologies. MANN+HUMMEL was the first automotive supplier worldwide to issue a Green Schuldschein. The issue proceeds of 400 million euros is used exclusively to finance or refinance green projects.

MANN+HUMMEL also restructured its talent management and implemented target group-oriented training programs for its employees last year. Improvement programs aimed at energy-efficient production and effective occupational safety were also conducted. Following the reorganisation of its compliance management system, MANN+HUMMEL is also more effective in preventing possible legal infringements.

Corporate Responsibility Report 2017

The report shows the focal points of MANN+HUMMEL's Corporate Responsibility in 2017.