WOLFF & MÜLLER, the Stuttgart construction company, and MANN+HUMMEL, the filtration specialist, are testing fine dust filters at the Bleyle complex in Ludwigsburg. The objective of the joint pilot project is to reduce fine dust pollution and improve the air quality.

November 12, 2018 – air pollution control is a serious issue in areas such as Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg and the surrounding areas. The construction company WOLFF & MÜLLER based in Zuffenhausen and the Ludwigsburg filtration expert MANN+HUMMEL would like to make a contribution to reduce air pollution. At the Bleyle complex in Ludwigsburg the companies are testing three of the new stationary fine dust filters developed by MANN+HUMMEL, the so-called Filter Cubes II. "As a construction company which attaches great importance to sustainability and builds with a neutral overall CO2 balance, we also believe that the avoidance of fine dust pollution is relevant", explained Dr. Albert Dürr, managing partner of WOLFF & MÜLLER and initiator of the joint project. Originally the idea was: "We build houses and MANN+HUMMEL produces filter systems. Therefore why not install filters at our buildings and in this way make a positive contribution to the environment?", added Dr. Dürr.


Three Filter Cubes II for the Bleyle complex

MANN+HUMMEL has been testing stationary fine dust solutions since the middle of 2017, including a prototype in front of the company's headquarters in Ludwigsburg. WOLFF & MÜLLER is now the first external project partner to test the newly developed Filter Cubes II. The Bleyle complex, which is home to a number of companies belonging to the WOLFF & MÜLLER group and was built by the construction company, was the area selected for the joint project in Ludwigsburg. The adjacent and busy Martin-Luther-Straße thoroughfare and the railway nearby the complex offer the ideal area for the tests.

"In the area there is also a school, a kindergarten and a medical center. Many busy roads and the railway station in the area are significant sources of fine dust. Using our Filter Cubes we want to make a contribution to protect people against fine dust", explains Jan-Eric Raschke, head of the Fine Dust Eater technology platform at MANN+HUMMEL. The three Filter Cubes II from MANN+HUMMEL are roughly 2.50 meters high and consist of respectively two connected modular components which are the cubes. Equipped with fine dust particle filters and high performance blowers, they are able to actively remove fine dust from the ambient air while having a very low energy consumption. A control unit can be used to adjust the operation of the fine dust filters in order to match the respective conditions and therefore react to the current quality of the air.  


Successful cooperation

"Wherever people live, work, study or do sports, we want to make a contribution towards keeping the air clean. Experience has shown that due to the operation of heating systems, in the winter months the fine dust pollution increases. We are therefore happy that we are carrying out this test together with WOLFF & MÜLLER at the present time in this location", explains Raschke.

The Bleyle complex has made land available for the installation of the Filter Cubes. WOLFF & MÜLLER undertook the necessary preparations for the installation including the building of a concrete foundation and fitting of electrical cables and will also make a contribution towards the energy costs incurred by the tests. MANN+HUMMEL will make measurements and conduct regular maintenance during the pilot project.

"Although we are unable to significantly influence the cause of the fine dust, at the least we would like set a good example and reduce the impact of the fine dust", explains Dr. Dürr. Sustainable and environmentally-oriented thinking and acting is a tradition at WOLFF & MÜLLER. For example, WOLFF & MÜLLER was the first construction company in Germany to build with a neutral overall CO2 balance. The company organizes its building sites with the aid of modern, certified environmental and energy management systems. WOLFF & MÜLLER has received numerous awards in this respect, including the environmental award from the state of Baden-Württemberg in 2016. The medium-sized company is using its prize money to bear its part of the project costs. After this test project the construction company plans to install a further stationary fine dust filter at the new WOLFF & MÜLLER CAMPUS at the company headquarters in Zuffenhausen in Stuttgart.



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