Our locations

    In Germany or Denmark, USA or Uzbekistan, MANN+HUMMEL is located everywhere with ideas and solutions where our customers need us. This is why we are represented by more than 80 locations all over the world.

    The company headquarters remain in Ludwigsburg near to Stuttgart. In 2016, the company further invested in the location with the inauguration of the Technology Center. We coordinate our company and its businesses from Ludwigsburg, develop new technology and test our innovations rigorously. At the same time, we want to be close to our customers and meet their needs. Therefore, it is still best to make the most important decisions personally at a local level. As a result, we are represented with our locations on all five continents.

    You can see a global overview of our activities, locations and addresses on the map. Simply select a location which is of special interest to you, for example:

    • The world's largest filter plant at the Bavarian location of Marklkofen where every year more than 170 million filter elements are produced for the global market
    • Or the Internet of Things laboratory in Singapore where our employees are occupied with the analysis of data, writing of software, development of algorithms, networking of our products and the process of digitalization.

    Contact us. We are sure to be close to you.