MANN+HUMMEL has been run as a family business with constant growth in revenue for four generations. In Ludwigsburg, members of the families Lachmann, Klamert and Geiger met up for a family get-together. It is a vibrant exchange about 75 years of MANN+HUMMEL history.

Already in the third generation, members of the families Lachmann, Klamert and Geiger work for the filtration specialist. With coffee, tea and cake, they are taking a walk down memory lane. Siegfried Geiger was the first to speak. “Even today, I still dream that I’m at work at least once a week,” says the 92-year-old with a smile at the family get-together in Ludwigsburg’s Residenz-Café. Starting in 1950, nine years after MANN+HUMMEL was founded, he worked for the filtration specialist up until his retirement 8 years later. To the present day, he and his relatives have been witness to practically the entire history of MANN+HUMMEL. “If you’ve worked for one company across several generations, you automatically start reminiscing at a reunion,” says Rudolf Lachmann, a certain sense of pride audible in his voice. He’s brought along some mementos to the café, among them family photos and old documents from his 28 years of service at MANN+HUMMEL in Marklkofen.

“We can see the plant clearly from our terrace,” he says, while his son Ralf adds: “When we heard fire truck sirens outside, we’d always look over to see if it had something to do with the plant.” The two men have a strong sense of attachment to MANN+HUMMEL, and that’s hardly surprising, given that numerous members of their family worked at the company.

Ralf Lachmann works at headquarters in Ludwigsburg. This is where he met his wife Ines. Beginning with her grandfather’s generation, members of her family have also been or still are employed at MANN+HUMMEL, grandfather Josef Klamert for 22 years, father Klaus for the last 40 years. Siegfried Geiger is her great-uncle. “Working at MANN+HUMMEL was definitely not a criterion for choosing a partner,” says Ines Lachmann, nee Klamert, with a grin on her face. “When we got together for the first time, though, it certainly was amusing to see how many people from our family have worked here. With this shared background, it’s probably normal that the company is a frequent topic of conversation – as you can see here at the table.”

Interview Family Lachmann

Ines Lachmann points to the center of the table. Lying between china cups and plates of cakes is the chronicle MANN+HUMMEL released last year to celebrate 75 years of the company. Some of those present are gathered round the open book, talking excitedly among themselves. To date, there is no chronicle for the Geiger, Lachmann and Klamert families, but one thing is certain: MANN+HUMMEL would be a big part of it.


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