Responsibility and sustainability

Filtration separates the useful from the harmful. If we just think about air pollution or contaminated water there is a considerable need for filtration all over the world. Here we are willing to take on responsibility. This is also reflected by our sustainability strategy.

The focus points of our corporate responsibility are presented using four key phrases: value added, valued communities, value endurance and value oriented.

Corporate Responsibility Report 2019

For the third year in a row, MANN+HUMMEL is presenting the overall picture of its corporate responsibility in the form of a Corporate Responsibility Report.

Corporate Responsibility Report 2018

The report shows the focal points of MANN+HUMMEL's Corporate Responsibility in 2018.

Value Added

The fundamental principle underlying the sustained development of MANN+HUMMEL is the company‘s value added. That is why our Corporate Values state: “We act as entrepreneurs and see to our products and our success. In addition, we aim to be results-oriented, direct and quick. This is how we strive to deliver the best performance.” We adjust our company structurally to the challenges of the future. Our innovative strength is a deciding factor in our value added. We develop pioneering filtration technologies that promote the mobility and health of people. This includes:

  • Technology to increase the efficiency of energy
  • Components for electric drive systems
  • Products to reduce air pollution
  • Sustainable solutions for water filtration

Valued Communities

“We value our employees and the communities in which we live. We are open-minded and welcome diversity.” This commitment is part of our Corporate Values. For our employees this means that we are convinced that well-trained and motivated people are the key to success, and so we work consistently on developing ourselves and others. We show our appreciation for our employees with respectful communication, equal opportunities, further training and attractive working conditions.

We accept responsibility for our local environment and we are good neighbors. As early as the 1950s, our company founders were doing far more than was contractually required of them; they established a corporate health insurance company, instituted housing development programs and introduced profit-sharing for employees. To this day, we display our respect for local communities not just by creating jobs but also by promoting not-for-profit projects. Educational institutions are a primary focus.


Green bond

We are continually expanding our product range for new applications which filter air and water. Therefore we are strengthening our R&D activities in these areas. Environmental sustainability for financing is also an important subject for us and so we were the first automotive supplier in the world to issue a green bond.

Second opinion on Green Schuldschein

MANN+HUMMEL has commissioned Sustainalytics to formulate a second opinion on the overall framework of the Green Schuldschein and its environmental compatibility. Here you can find the details.

Value Endurance

MANN+HUMMEL manages the resources directly associated with the company‘s value creation process responsibly. It is expressed as follows in our Corporate Values: “We perform our work correctly from the very outset, waste no resources and take care of our employees‘ health.”

In this context, we want to use only as much energy as we need and not harm the environment unnecessarily as a result of emissions. We protect our employees with the highest level of occupational safety and we take care of their health. Our suppliers are also an important resource. We also expect them to implement sustainable business practices. We therefore put our faith in having constant business relationships.

Value Oriented

We accept responsibility for the people we deal with, for the society in which we work and for the environment. We want to build trust and trust the people with whom we work. Our Code of Conduct governs everything we say and do. It is thus described in the MANN+HUMMEL Corporate Values.

The basis of this value orientation is compliance with all applicable laws. We
actively prevent breaches of competition law and corruption in particular. Fair working
conditions are the basis for cooperation at MANN+HUMMEL. We combat discrimination.