Responsibility and sustainability

    Filtration separates the useful from the harmful. If we just think about air pollution or contaminated water there is a considerable need for filtration all over the world. Here we are willing to take on responsibility. This is also reflected by our sustainability strategy.

    At MANN+HUMMEL sustainability involves the economy, the environment, society and our employees. We take on responsibility in this respect and strive to minimize the negative effects of our business activities on all four areas.


    Our business is driven by new transportation solutions as a result of digitalization and environmental sustainability. In order to live up to our responsibility to employees, customers and suppliers, we want to help actively influence these trends. In this way, we set the right course for the future. The focus of the whole MANN+HUMMEL strategy is the development of more sustainable and increasingly intelligent products.

    Our agenda every day includes the research and development in the area of groundbreaking technology for health and the mobility of people. This includes

    • Technology to increase the efficiency of energy
    • Components for electric drive systems
    • Products to reduce air pollution
    • Sustainable solutions for water filtration


    MANN+HUMMEL is committed to continually improve the quality of air to reduce environmental and health risks. This is where our extensive product range for air filtration helps. It includes cabin filters for vehicles, air filter elements for heating, ventilation and air conditioners, and air quality measurement devices and room air cleaners.

    In the area of water filtration, membranes and systems from MANN+HUMMEL supply clean water. They are successfully used in the sustainable treatment of municipal and industrial waste water. In this way, we sustainably create service water from surface water.

    Many products from MANN+HUMMEL increase the energy efficiency of your applications and so make a contribution towards the conservation of resources. This applies to conventional combustion engines and also to alternative drive systems and industrial applications.

    In our production process and our facilities we pursue the objective of increasing energy efficiency and closely monitor our output of emissions.

    Green bond

    We are continually expanding our product range for new applications which filter air and water. Therefore we are strengthening our R&D activities in these areas. Environmental sustainability for financing is also an important subject for us and so we were the first automotive supplier in the world to issue a green bond.

    Zweitmeinung zum SSD Schuldschein

    MANN+HUMMEL hat Sustainalytics beauftragt, eine zweite Meinung zum Gesamtrahmen des Grünen Schuldscheins und seiner Umweltverträglichkeit zu formulieren. Hier finden Sie die Ausführungen im Detail.


    Our sustainability strategy also includes a commitment to the local communities at our locations. We maintain partnerships with non-profit organizations and support our employees with their commitment to society. This is equally true for locations in Germany and around the world, whether for Christmas presents for needy children in Ludwigsburg, sponsorships for children suffering from cancer in Shanghai or for the support of hurricane victims in the USA.

    The employees at MANN+HUMMEL take on responsibility. The education of young people and in particular budding engineers is important for us. We offer you internships and dissertation projects and also cooperate with universities to enable close interaction between science and practice.


    As early as in the 1950s, MANN+HUMMEL supported its employees with the founding of a company health insurance fund and the implementation of housing projects. Today the focus is on subjects such as the health and safety of our employees and vocational training.

    This is apparent by regular programs initiated by the company's health management system and internal campaigns on the subject of safety. Employees should consequently be able to fully exploit their personality and skills in the company. To enable this, we want to provide them with a positive working environment. This includes reconciliation of the family and your occupation.