According to the World Health Organization, around 47,000 people in Germany die each year because of fine dust. Air pollution caused by fine dust is particularly high in urban areas. The fine dust alarm in Stuttgart has become well known throughout Germany. In fact, due to high air pollution, many cities around the world have introduced fine dust alarms. With nitrogen dioxide (NO2), people are exposed to a further health hazard, especially in cities. The filtration specialists at MANN+HUMMEL have developed technologies with which air pollution can be reduced.

New technology also reduces NO2 pollution

Now, not just fine dust, but also nitrogen dioxide!

Filtration specialist MANN+HUMMEL has developed a technology which reduces nitrogen dioxide (NO2) at locations with high levels of pollution. A newly developed combifilter medium retains fine dust and also filters NO2 out of the air. The innovation helps to protect the people’s health and could make driving bans in inner city areas unnecessary.

The Filter Cubes, which were installed last year at the Neckartor road junction in Stuttgart, will be adapted to include the new technology by the summer of 2019. Before the end of this year, the further developed filters will also be used in a pilot project in Ludwigsburg.

The new combifilter includes a filter layer that retains particles and additional activated carbon layers to adsorb NO2. In this process, highly porous activated carbon media are used, and due to their large surface area, are able to efficiently absorb NO2.

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Clean air in cities

How the Fine Dust Eater helps inner cities achieve clean air

Fine dust is harmful to human health. That is especially true with regard to the smallest particles (PM2.5), which can penetrate deep into the lungs and trigger illnesses. Nitrogen dioxide worsens allergies, damages the respiratory tract and can contribute to heart disease.

MANN+HUMMEL has been a filtration expert for over 77 years. Our research and development engineers continue to develop new methods to remove contaminants from air and liquids. Last year, we started specifically addressing the subject of fine dust in cities. We can also reduce high nitrogen dioxide emissions at urban hotspots. This applies to the fine dust alarm in Stuttgart and also to other locations around the world.

With fine dust filters for vehicles, we are getting closer to emission-free driving. Brakes, road, and tire abrasion are the biggest sources of fine dust from vehicles. Whether diesel or electric, MANN+HUMMEL wants to improve the emissions balance of vehicles.

Emission-free driving

Filters improve air quality

MANN+HUMMEL is using its filter technology with a number of solutions. The newly-developed Filter Cube is designed for use at urban hotspots. It filters fine dust and nitrogen dioxide out of the air, thus reducing the risk to human health. At the same time, it offers a possible alternative to driving bans in urban areas.

One of the largest sources of fine dust from a vehicle is the braking process. This is why MANN+HUMMEL developed its brake dust particle filter. The filter prevents up to 80% of the dust particles created during braking from entering the ambient air. The fine dust particle filter retains fine dust which is already present in the ambient air.

Our newly developed filters can be used to help reduce high vehicle emissions and also to protect the occupants of vehicles. MANN+HUMMEL aims to increase the quality of life in inner city areas. Ultimately, we all deserve the best possible air quality, especially at locations where we spend a lot of our time.

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