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Report of the Supervisory Board


Do you know? 3.5 million German companies form a unique community that is unparalleled globally. We at MANN+HUMMEL are proud to be part of this community: The German “Mittelstand”. It is medium-sized companies like MANN+HUMMEL – based in Germany, at home in the world’s markets – that drove the “Made in Germany” label to become renowned worldwide.

Recent political events have again shown how important it is to work together with our clients and partners, in diverse teams, and in exciting projects for common goals.

Our international and diverse MANN+HUMMEL teams from China to Brazil have a great spirit. We may still be a family-owned hidden Mittelstand champion with German roots; however, we set ambitious goals and targets for us as a company, our employees, our technologies, and our products. We aim for nothing less than Leadership in Filtration.

We have been doing so quite sustainably – for more than 80 years and hopefully many decades to come, with more than 21,000 employees in over 80 locations worldwide. And our cutting-edge filtration solutions play a vital role in enabling our customers to be more sustainable and provide cleaner mobility, cleaner air, and cleaner water.

2021 was characterized by the enormous challenge of navigating successfully through a global crisis. A crisis that has brought to light our significant weaknesses as a global community has also brought forth our biggest strengths for us as a company. Our capabilities, courage, adaptability, confidence, perseverance, and trust shaped the year. Trust in our employees, our customers, and our company and technology: Filtration.

We filter with passion and commitment as we are convinced that our biggest challenge – preserving our planet and its precious resources for a cleaner tomorrow and future generations – can only be solved through a joint effort. This challenge is not “Mine” or “Yours” but “Ours”. The world we live in, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the ground we walk upon has always been common ground.

In light of a global pandemic, raising awareness of air and water pollution, and the increasing wish for cleaner mobility, more and more people understand the importance of filtration. Filtration is no longer “just protecting” a piece of equipment, an asset, or a process. Our filtration solutions help the environment and people by filtering fine dust, viruses, or multi-resistant germs to benefit this one world.

Suddenly, the hidden champion, MANN+HUMMEL, and the often invisible technology champion, filtration, are becoming prominent heroes. We always knew this and continue saying with pride: Filtration is a key technology of the 21st century.

MANN+HUMMEL looks forward to a bright future as one of the leading filtration companies in the world. We are inspired to do everything in our power to further develop and grow our company into a more impactful global player, built upon our foundation: Our unwavering belief that filtration is one of the most powerful technologies the world has ever seen – made by MANN+HUMMEL.

The Supervisory Board of MANN+HUMMEL Verwaltungs GmbH met twice in the year under review. The meetings focused on current and future business developments. In addition, we continued our discussions on the impact of global economic developments. Additionally, the topics of investment and personnel policies, the quality situation, and the strategic alignment of the company and the Group were examined in depth. Issues with a negative impact on the company were also  discussed and examined constructively and critically. In the 2021 fiscal year, the Supervisory Board once again continuously supported the Management Board by examining and discussing the verbal and written reports of the Management Board in detail at the Supervisory Board meetings. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board also maintained constant contact with the Management Board.

The Supervisory Board was satisfied with the legality, appropriateness, and regularity of the activities of the Management Board at all times. The audit of MANN+HUMMEL International GmbH & Co. KG's annual financial statements and the Group status report of the MANN+HUMMEL Group were audited by Ernst & Young GmbH, Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, Flughafenstraße 61, 70629 Stuttgart. All documents were issued with an unqualified audit opinion. The Supervisory Board examined the annual financial statements, the proposal for the appropriation of earnings, consolidated financial statements, and Group status report in detail and was provided with a comprehensive report by the auditors regarding the results of their audits. The Supervisory Board approves the audit results without any reservations.

The Supervisory Board would like to thank Nic Zerbst for his commitment to the company. Mr. Zerbst decided to leave the company by the end of 2021. Furthermore, the Supervisory Board and the Shareholders thank all employees of the MANN+HUMMEL Group, the Executive Board, and the employee representatives for their successful efforts in the past fiscal year.

Ludwigsburg, May 2022
MANN+HUMMEL International GmbH & Co. KG

Thomas Fischer
Chairman of the Supervisory Board