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MANN+HUMMEL Suppliers: Health, safety & environment

MANN+HUMMEL protects its employees, customers and suppliers against circumstances that could negatively affect their health and safety. As a leader in filtration products, we are aware of our social responsibility. That is why occupational safety and environmental protection are linked to our FILTER values and are a key element of our strategy.

Our position as a leading company for filtration products makes us aware of our social responsibility. Therefore, occupational health, safety at work, and environmental protection are linked to our policy and MANN+HUMMEL values and are a key element of our strategy. MANN+HUMMEL shelters employees, customers and suppliers from conditions which could influence their health and safety in a negative way.

It is a MANN+HUMMEL standard to act HSE friendly throughout the entire supply chain, from purchasing to disposal. MANN+HUMMEL expects the same from all suppliers, sub-suppliers and other contractors.

The supplier is under the obligation to use only production processes, working conditions and materials conforming to the requirements of all valid legal HSE regulations or state regulations. All products delivered to MANN+HUMMEL must meet all relevant HSE regulations and technical standards valid in the country of production and country of use (e.g. REACH, RoHS, etc.).

MANN+HUMMEL prefers suppliers who have implemented certified HSE Management Systems according to ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 or comparable systems. This is in regards to process, surveillance and / or registration audits performed on-site at supplier and sub-supplier locations. MANN+HUMMEL also considers HSE aspects as part of these evaluations.

There are special legal requirements and automotive standards which must be followed. MANN+HUMMEL acts according to existing requirements, such as IMDS, GADSL, REACH, RoHS and ELV (details can be found in our supplier manual).

The contractor guideline describes our occupational health and safety and environmental protection requirements for external companies operating on our company premises.

EU regulation - Registration Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals