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Cabin Air Filters

To breathe freely inside your vehicle

More and more people nowadays suffer from allergies. To give these people protection, MANN+HUMMEL has developed a cabin filter which also adsorbs allergenic substances and at the same time prevents bacteria from entering the interior of the vehicle through the ventilation or air conditioning system.

For some years now, the World Health Organization has classified allergens as the fourth most common chronic illness worldwide. This is because more and more people today suffer from allergic reactions which means that their immune system is hypersensitive. This is no surprise as pollen, bacteria and mold fungi continue to further penetrate our everyday life, and also in the car. As well as being annoying and polluting the air inside the vehicle, this endangers road safety because if the driver suddenly has to sneeze he is distracted for about two seconds. The dangerous consequence is a restricted ability to react and a longer braking distance.

Hard work for filters

The protection of the driver and vehicle occupants against pollen and bacteria requires the use of effective cabin air filters. This is because during the pollen season there are roughly 3,000 types of pollen in just one milliliter of air. It sounds like a huge task for the filter. And that is just what it is.

MANN+HUMMEL has developed an efficient solution to tackle the problem. This is a cabin filter which adsorbs allergens in addition to small and coarse particles. The filter also prevents bacteria and mold fungi from entering the passenger compartment through the ventilation or air conditioning system

Biofunctional coating to protect against allergens

How does that work? Through the use of a very special filter layer.

Common cabin filters include a particulate filter and frequently also an activated carbon layer. This is also true for the cabin filters from MANN+HUMMEL. The particulate filter layer almost completely separates coarse particles such as dust, pollen and tire debris as well as the smallest, respirable particles such as particulate matter. The layer of activated carbon adsorbs harmful gases, unpleasant odors and ozone almost completely from the air flowing through the system.

But these cabin filters also have a third layer with a special biofunctional coating containing polyphenols. Polyphenols are natural products with an anti-inflammatory effect and are perceived to promote good health. They are present in plants such as green tea and pomegranates and many others and have the ability to adsorb allergens and make them harmless. This mechanism is exploited by MANN+HUMMEL and those suffering from allergies can breathe freely.

Three layers technology for comfort and safety

Nipping a disease early in the bud

The biofunctional coating has an additional antimicrobial effect due to applied biocidal substance. It inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi on the filter by more than 95 percent.