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Filtration solutions for electronics and semiconductor production plants

Air and water filters for electronics and semiconductor manufacturing

Ensure smooth processes and product reliability with filtration solutions for clean air and pure water from MANN+HUMMEL.


For electronics and semiconductor production plants clean air and pure water are essential preconditions for smooth processes and product reliability. MANN+HUMMEL offers a comprehensive portfolio of air and water filtration and purification technologies to meet the high purity needs of the electronics and semiconductor industries.

Air Filtration

With our air filtration solutions we ensure the air quality in your production facility always fits the needed requirements. Air filters of different efficiencies will help you achieve that. From HVAC, to EPA, HEPA, ULPA and molecular filters – we have whatever your process needs and in addition to that, we make sure to support energy savings by means of providing you with some best in class energy efficient high performance filters.  

Water Purification

Electronics or semiconductor fabrication plants also need highly purified water (HPW) or ultrapure water for different process steps. We offer different membrane elements for your process, which capture dissolved contaminants that may precipitate or particles that may lodge on the circuits and cause microchip failures.