According to figures estimated by the World Health Organization, particulates are responsible for the death of around 47,000 people every year in Germany. As a filtration company which carries out research, MANN+HUMMEL develops better, cleaner solutions for people and machines. Our current field test involves a test vehicle operating in the air-polluted city of Stuttgart.

Due to its striking appearance MANN+HUMMEL's "fine dust eater" vehicle is hard to miss as it makes test drives in the area of greater Stuttgart. The fine dust eater vehicle is equipped with three applications. All three contribute to reducing the pollution caused by particulates. A filter installed on the roof of the vehicle separates particulates from the ambient air. The vehicle occupants are protected by a special cabin filter. In addition, a newly developed brake dust particulate filter fitted to the brake system largely prevents the release of particles to the ambient air generated by the braking process.


The filter element on the roof

The filter element fitted to the roof of the test vehicle has a particularly low flow resistance to maximize the airflow while also having an excellent separating effect. Computer simulations have shown that these measures can substantially improve the overall environmental balance of the vehicle in terms of particulates. The use of the particulate filter reduces the particulate emissions of the vehicle by roughly the amount of particulate emissions generated in the fuel combustion process. MANN+HUMMEL is now controlling the encouraging results of the simulation in a field test and is putting the separation of particulates from the ambient air to the test under real driving conditions.


The brake dust particulate filter fitted to the brakes

MANN+HUMMEL has fitted a newly developed brake dust particulate filter to the brakes of the vehicle. The precision housing of the filter installed right next to the brake caliper allows the filter to prevent the release of particulates to the ambient air directly at the source. This is particularly important because braking in city traffic generates a much higher amount of particulates than the amount created by exhaust emissions. In addition, more than 90 percent of the brake dust consists of fine particles which can have a negative effect on human health. The new brake dust filter is suitable for application in all types of drive including electric, hybrid, gasoline and diesel vehicles.


Cabin filters to protect the vehicle occupants

MANN+HUMMEL has also already developed solutions to protect the vehicle occupants. In the test vehicle a newly developed cabin filter finds application. The activated carbon mix used in the filter is characterized by a very high separation efficiency for toxic nitrogen oxide (NOx) and other harmful gases. The innovative coating of the filter reliably binds high volumes of ammonia while ultra-fine nanofibers inside the filter provide the best protection against particulates and pollen.