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Cleaner Water on Hilton Head Island

Dave Disney

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA. Drinking water is a scarce resource. Even more so on a holiday island. Responsible use and management are crucial.

The water level isn’t the only thing that fluctuates on Hilton Head Island. The same applies to the number of people living temporarily in one of America’s most popular travel destinations. To manage the challenges, Hilton Head Public Service District relies on a decentralized water management system. This is a great way to buffer peaks and deliver a constant supply, but it is also challenging to operate and maintain with 100+ lift stations in the northern part of the island alone. STREAMETRIC, a MANN+HUMMEL brand, offers a digital solution for efficient remote water management, facility monitoring, and predictive asset maintenance.

Dave Disney explains how STREAMETRIC helps him to react quickly, and before a situation becomes an emergency:

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