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MANN+HUMMEL Annual Report: The somewhat different flat

If you can't get outside, you stay in. 200 employees move into the factory, defying the rigorous curfews in Shanghai. This is true team spirit.

About Nick Wang

Die etwas andere WG Nick Wang

Nick Wang has been working with MANN+HUMMEL for almost 15 years in different roles ranging from Mechanical Engineering to Research and Development and Operations. When he took his new role as Manager Operations in our Jiading plant near Shanghai, he did most likely not expect what extend his responsibility would be growing to one day. 

When the pandemic hit in 2020, the world stood still from one day to another. While governments around the globe mostly decided to phase out strict measures in 2022, China chose to maintain them for the safety of their population. In April 2022, after a brief period of relaxation, another lockdown followed in and around Shanghai. 

This also meant that no one would have been able to enter or leave the plant on a daily basis. 

Always focused on our customers and partners, around 200 employees agreed to stay at the plant for two months - to work, sleep and eat there. 

Special times require special personalities. We have them!

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Problem solving means finding the root cause

Root canal treatments are painful. But necessary and effective. If you only fight the symptoms, you will fail in the long run. That's why we analyze problems in depth and eliminate the cause. Then it works. Permanently.

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Making the world a better place. With the best.

MANN+HUMMEL is active worldwide. This also applies to our recruiters. We are looking for bright minds to continuously improve our outstanding team.

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Clean drinking water for India

Doing business successfully on a sustainable basis also means taking responsibility. Not only at the company headquarters, but worldwide. In India, MANN+HUMMEL supports the surrounding villages in the supply of clean drinking water.