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MANN+HUMMEL Annual Report: Tackling root causes

Root canal treatments are painful. But necessary and effective. If you only fight the symptoms, you will fail in the long run. That's why we analyze problems in depth and eliminate the cause. Then it works. Permanently.

About Tiago de Oliveira

Probleme an der Wurzel gepackt Tiago de Oliveira

Tiago de Oliveira joined MANN+HUMMEL in March 2020 and is Lean Manager at our production plant in Gastonia - one of our largest filtration plants worldwide. 

His goal is to reduce waste and optimize the material flow in the plant, so that we ultimately increase our efficiency and our customers always receive their products at the agreed time, in the right quality and at the optimal price. The continuous collection and analysis of data helps us to do this, and so does the close cooperation with our colleagues in production. 

Together with his team, Tiago ensures that the lives of our employees in the plant and also in the offices are and remain carefree. Therefore, it is essential that his team understands all the processes and existing challenges in detail and knows how our products are used in their various applications.  Only then can they know how to solve problems from the ground up so they don't happen again.

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Marcus Muncan

Money must be green.

Our logo is green and so is our financing: With our promissory bill, the interest rate is linked to our sustainability rating. The more sustainable we are, the lower our interest rate. A turbo for our transformation.

Matthew Nunn

Digitalization is everything.

Our core product may be analog. We are not. Digitalization helps us making our logistics, finance, HR and product development more efficient and sustainable.

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Bi-cultural resilience

In an increasingly fast-changing world, old certainties are being shaken. Supply chains are turning upside down. The distribution of goods between international markets follows new laws. Intercultural competence becomes key to success.