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Aircraft filters for airplanes and airports, for clean virus-free air, by MANN+HUMMEL

Air filters and water filters for airports & the aviation industry

Air and water pollution through increasing air traffic need to be tackled with adequate filtration solutions. Find them with us.  


Over the past decades and prior to the Corona pandemic, global traffic had been increasing constantly. People travelling nationally or internationally to attend business meetings, visit their families and friends, has become more and more common. Travelling by plane across continents and different time zones several times a year, visiting fancy hotspots, spending beautiful vacations everywhere in the world, is nothing limited only to privileged people anymore. Traveling frequently has become more affordable to many more people than ever before.
Thus, air pollution, increased water use and resulting wastewater volumes have been rising accordingly and thus need to be managed with adequate filtration solutions.

 Clean Indoor Air

Aircraft filters for airplanes and airports, for clean virus-free air, by MANN+HUMMEL

As air traffic increases, also the variety of air pollutants within the airport building has been incrementing.
First of all, the air planes themselves are major contributors to high levels of air pollution inside and outside of the airport building. The airplane engines releasing harmful exhaust gases, e.g. from burned kerosene as well as other unpleasant odors, the tire wear as a result of the high speed and weight of the airplanes transporting passengers, luggage or cargo, do all result in high loads of unwanted pollution
A second major external source of pollution are the numerous buses bringing passengers or flight crews from one terminal to the other or directly to the taxiway and airplane. Taxies, catering trucks, luggage or catering vehicles, they all produce, tire wear, brake dust and engine emissions. And this happens very closely to the air intakes of the airport buildings. For sure these harmful pollutants should never enter your facility unfiltered.

MANN+HUMMEL offers a comprehensive portfolio of air filtration solutions that keep passengers, visitors and airport personal safe from harmful particulates, gases or odors.  
With the innovative outdoor air cleaners, the Filter Cubes, we can even make sure to tackle the air pollution challenge right outside of your building. Our innovative brake dust particle filters are already being used in passenger cars and could easily be applied to the diverse brake dust emitting vehicles in and around airports.

The third source of air pollution is the increased volume of people and passengers inside the airport terminals. Many people from different parts of the world also bring a variety of potentially harmful contaminants with them. Just the hair or skin flakes that everyone sheds during the day, affect air quality. Fibers from clothing or luggage are other potential emitters of pollutants.
Our portfolio of high efficiency air filters and molecular air filters helps filter out larger particulates and fine dust as well as gaseous components, such as volatile organic compounds (e.g. from cleaning agents), odors, engine exhausts and its by-products.

Healthy and Virus Free Indoor Air

Besides the many different sources of particulates that passengers bring with them, the large variety of bacteria and viruses that are travelling the world with them, cannot be neglected. Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems or just simple fans, which are often used to make the temperature "real feal" more tolerable in tropical countries, can also turn into an active distributor of viruses and bacteria. In the worst case, this would spread sicknesses in an instant all across the airport building and thus increase the possible infection of many people.
In such event, regular HVAC filters would no longer display an effective enough solution to keep travelers, airport personal and visitors safe. Only high quality HEPA* filters of at least grade H13 or H14 will be a reliable barrier for these tiny viruses and bacteria.
MANN+HUMMEL offers innovative ePTFE HEPA filter elements to upgrade existing HVAC systems so they supply clinically clean air to your building and thus keep people safe from airborne infections.

Mobile and stationary indoor air cleaners with HEPA H14 filters can provide additional air cleaning for different room sizes. OurAir air purifiers by MANN+HUMMEL are available for room sizes of 40, 140 and 200 m2 per device and are perfectly suitable for areas in your airport building that are either not equipped with HVAC systems or where HVAC systems come to their limits due to extremely contorted architecture as this could inhibit an undisturbed clean air flow. With the OurAir air purifiers you have the flexibility to keep meeting or prayer rooms, retail shops,  food courts or airport lounges a clean air place.
*individually tested according to ISO 29463 and EN 1822

Wastewater Treatment

Airports are not only a heavy emittent of air pollution. The substantial increase of people and cargo air trafficking, has also led to a significant rise in water usage by airports for their infrastructure and operations. Thus, airports are also producing immense amounts of wastewater, which could have a negative impact on both groundwater and soil as they contain a variety of harmful contaminants. These need to be properly filtered or separated before the treated wastewater is either released into the environment, such as bays or nearby rivers or reused. Sustainable water management as one part of airport environmental management have become critical tasks in the airport business.
MANN+HUMMEL offers state-of-the-art Membrane Modules for Membrane Bioreactor Wastewater Treatment plants to treat used water effectively and reliably and thus manage our limited water resources sustainably. 

Air Filtration Solutions for Paint Spray Booths

Aircraft filters for Paint Spray Booth applications

Have you ever thought about how airplanes get such a perfect finishing? This can only be made possible if the make up air in the spray booths is perfectly clean and free from any impurities. In addition to clinically clean make up air, overspray and paint deposits are challenges that can be successfully solved with professional filtration solutions.

But for sure, not only what is happening inside the spray booth is important: Volatile Organic Compounds from the spray need to be safely captured before any of these can pose a threat to your staff or the environment.

MANN+HUMMEL offers a full range of professional filtration solutions for paint spray booths.