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    MANN+HUMMEL Becomes GM Supplier of the Year

    Orlando/Ludwigsburg, Germany, 11th May 2018 – MANN+HUMMEL was named a Supplier of the Year by General Motors during their 26th annual ‘Supplier of the Year’ awards ceremony held Friday, April 20th in Orlando, Florida. The award specifically recognized MANN+HUMMEL’s air induction systems and was the...

    MANN-FILTER wins award

    Groupauto International names MANN-FILTER as "Supplier of the Year 2017"

    MANN+HUMMEL issues green bond

    · First automotive supplier worldwide with green financing · 400 million euros capital acquired · Refinancing of "green" projects

    The brake dust particle filter from MANN+HUMMEL

    Ludwigsburg/Frankfurt, September 11, 2017 – braking in city traffic creates significantly more dust than exhaust emissions. Every braking action creates brake dust through friction on the brake disc and brake pads. This mainly comprises particulates and due to the small particle size is harmful to...

    MANN-FILTER: First place for the sixth time!

    MANN-FILTER has once again been voted the best brand. During the annual survey of readers of the "trans aktuell", "lastauto omnibus" and "FERNFAHRER" journals, MANN-FILTER again achieved first place for the sixth consecutive time in the filter category in 2017.

    MANN-FILTER and HTP Motorsport
    Team and vehicle presentation for the 2017 season

    · Exclusive vehicle and driver presentation on March 10, 2017 at the new MANN+HUMMEL Technology Center in Ludwigsburg · Participation of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 in the ADAC GT Masters and Blancpain GT Endurance Series · Highlights are the 24-hour classics at the Nürburgring and Spa-Francorchamps.

    HTP Motorsport enters into cooperation with MANN-FILTER

    Ludwigsburg, February, 8, 2017 - The HTP Motorsport team based in Altendiez near Limburg has concluded a comprehensive partnership with leading global filtration expert MANN+HUMMEL and their MANN-FILTER product brand.

    MANN+HUMMEL is an FCA 2016 Supplier of the Year
    MANN+HUMMEL recognized by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles as a 2016 Supplier of the Year Winner

    Ludwigsburg/Turin, December 22, 2016 – The Supplier Qualitas Convention ceremony of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) was held at the Auditorium of the Lingotto Center in Turin on December 14. MANN+HUMMEL won the award in the chassis and engine systems category. The filtration expert was awarded by...

    Application possibilities for additive manufacturing

    In industrial manufacturing addi­ti­ve processes are becoming more important. Those who establish technological expertise at an early stage clearly have an advantage. The MANN+HUMMEL pro­to­typ­ing cen­ter in Ludwigs­burg is well prepared in this respect.

    Customer proximity for great service

    The Audi Q5 has become one of the company’s best-selling models. Therefore, Audi has built a new factory in Mexico to meet the globally growing demand of the SUV sector. The MANN+HUMMEL plant located close to the vehicle production facility is ideally placed to supply components for the Q5.

    BMW Group
    Stron­gly resis­tant

    A new fuel filter in plastic from MANN+HUMMEL protects the gasoline engines in cars of the BMW Group. As a result, harsh operating conditions due to contaminants or bad fuel quality do not pose a problem.

    Water separation in three stages

    Water in fuel can seriously damage the components of the diesel injection system in engines. MANN+HUMMEL has found the answer: three-stage water separation which successful retains even the smallest droplets.

    Efficient oil separation
    Through the LongLife fiber demister

    Higher pressures, smaller droplets: the requirements regarding oil separation in connection with crankcase ventilation are increasing. The new Lon­gLi­fe fiber demister from MANN+HUMMEL meets these requirements. It separates even the smallest droplets highly efficiently and in addition offers...

    Efficient thermal management

    The right control of the oil temperature is a key process. When the oil has the right temperature the engine consumes less fuel. The new oil filter module from MANN+HUMMEL offers excellent filtration and also efficient thermal management.

    Successful collaboration with universities

    Inno­va­ti­on and the aim of making something good even better is an important driver for MANN+HUMMEL. Therefore, a glo­ba­l team of spe­cia­lis­ts work closely together in a network to develop ide­as into products ready for the market which solve customer problems.

    The filters are becoming more individual
    Interview with Dr. Martin Lehmann

    Dr. Martin Lehmann is Vice President Product Champion Air Filtration. In an interview, he provides an insight on how MANN+HUMMEL is driving the holistic development of air filtration and what the air cleaners of the future will look like.

    Our filters for vehicles

    FILTRON with its headquarters in Poland is the most-frequently chosen filter brand in Central and Eastern Europe, with a comprehensive product range, excellent market coverage and high-quality filters for motor cars and commercial vehicles.

    Liquid filter systems

    We supply high performance oil and fuel filters for motor cars and commercial vehicles. Combined with efficient thermal management, our filters and filter elements make a significant contribution towards a longer engine life and higher engine performance.

    New production thinking for charge air ducts

    Continuous system and production improvement together with innovative thinking are at the heart of the relationship between Tier 1 suppliers and their customers. An example of this is the new charge air duct provided by MANN+HUMMEL for various Ford applications.

    Active intake manifold with robust tumble flap system

    One of them is strong and robust, and the other is sporty and dynamic: the Ford F-150 pick-up truck and the Ford Mustang. In both vehicles, the required power is supplied by a high performance 5 liter V8 naturally aspirated gasoline engine which is fitted with an active intake manifold with robust...

    Innovative air cleaner system for General Motors

    MANN+HUMMEL USA has recently launched a new air cleaner system for a very important line of mid-sized SUVs of General Motors. This program is the first air induction system for General Motors, which is produced in the MANN+HUMMEL plant in Dunlap, Tennessee.

    Intelligent cabin filters
    Interview with Martin Klein

    Around the world people are increasingly suffering from air pollution. In an interview Martin Klein, Vice Pre­si­dent for Cabin Air Fil­tra­ti­on, talks about the fil­ter­ me­dia of the future and intel­li­gen­t cabin filter ­sys­te­ms for elec­tric vehicles.

    Withstand the challenges

    Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and MANN+HUMMEL can look back on a development and supplier relationship spanning many years. Following on from the Jeep Renegade, the Jeep Compass (C-SUV) is the latest vehicle to be fitted with a compact and robust air cleaner system from MANN+HUMMEL.

    Plastic oil filter module with three variants

    MANN+HUMMEL supplies a plastic oil filter module for the highly efficient 3- and 4-cylinder generation of modular engines of the BMW Group which meets the highest requirements.

    Land Rover
    Perfect sound at any time

    Reliable protection for the engine and a pleasant acoustic sound for the system: a MANN+HUMMEL air cleaner system manages to provide both the best filtration performance possible and a pleasant engine sound without disruptive background noise in the latest Land Rover Discovery.

    Local development and production in China

    Those who wish to supply tailor-made products have to know the market and their customers. MANN+HUMMEL therefore develops and produces locally for the Chi­ne­se manufacturer Gre­at Wall Motors and convinces with its local development expertise and well thought-out solutions.

    Local expertise for Suzuki
    Intake manifolds for the Suzuki Motor Corporation

    Customer: Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan. Development and design: Shanghai, China. Production: Sonneberg, Germany, and Chongqing, China. Delivery destinations: Hungary, China, Japan and India. Our intake manifolds for Suzuki are created with the support of the MANN+HUMMEL global network.

    Solutions for alternative drives

    Whether powered by electricity, natural gas or solar energy – low emission vehicles are the future of mobility. We want to help actively shape this future and are therefore developing pioneering filtration solutions for alternative drives such as fuel cell and high voltage battery systems.

    Air cleaners and intake systems

    Nowadays, under the car hood there is less and less space available to fit components, but that does not compromise the performance of our air cleaners and intake systems. Our solutions convince with the highest filtration performance for cars and commercial vehicles.


    As a strong global filter brand MANN-FILTER offers a comprehensive range in 100 percent OE matching quality and provides excellent service performance for the automotive aftermarket.

    Maximum flexibility through new fuel filter concepts

    To ensure reliable engine operation, the reduction of fuel contamination and the separation of water droplets from fuel are decisive. MANN+HUMMEL has developed two new fuel filter concepts to address these issues.

    Systems expertise for maximum power

    The new E63S AMG from Mercedes-Benz accelerates impressively with over 600 HP in 3.5 seconds from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour. This requires high performance from all components involved. The air cleaners and intake manifolds from MANN+HUMMEL are hot gas welded. That saves weight and simultaneously...

    New geo­me­try: Exa­li­fe
    A solution for tight installation spaces

    The space available in commercial vehicles for the installation of air cleaner systems is increasingly restricted. This makes the fitting of many important components a challenge.

    New standard products for the Indian market

    The Indian market for commercial vehicles offers attractive growth potential. Therefore, MANN+HUMMEL has launched two new standard products on the market there, an air cleaner and an oil spin-on filter.

    New polymer pressure control valves pass endurance test

    The pressure control valves commonly used today have elastomer membranes and are unable to resist the attacks of aggressive chemicals. Now with RobustPlus MANN+HUMMEL has developed a new material for pressure control valves which offers the highest chemical resistance.

    Plug-in actuator for active intake manifolds

    Big cities are suffering more and more from air pollution. Legislators have reacted with stricter regulations for CO2 emis­sio­ns. The acti­ve intake manifolds from MANN+HUMMEL support car producers to help them also meet these emis­si­on targets under real driving conditions.

    PSA – oil filter module with innovative oil drain control

    The new diesel engine from PSA meets the strictest emission standards. For this purpose more and more components have to find space in the engine compartment. MANN+HUMMEL has developed an oil filter module for these requirements which saves valuable installation space and boasts an innovative oil...

    Filtration for vehicles

    At Purolator, nothing gets by us. Since inventing the oil filter in 1923, we have been continuously innovating to improve the performance of oil, air, cabin air and fuel filters.

    Intake manifold with fully integrated intercooler
    World's first intake manifold with fully integrated intercooler

    MANN+HUMMEL is able to celebrate a world premiere with the first intercooler fully in­te­gra­ted in an intake manifold. The system impresses in the new six cylinder gasoline engine from Mer­ce­des Benz with an ideal temperature distribution and is able to withstand very high loads.

    Synthetic oil filter media

    Alternative fuels and hybrid drives are on the increase to promote eco-friendly mobility. Using special test methods, MANN+HUMMEL is developing fully synthetic oil media with an excellent filtration performance for the special requirements of these technologies.

    Global partner to Ford

    Car manufacturers have global operations and require their suppliers to be global partners. MANN+HUMMEL is an A supplier in the Aligned Business Framework (ABF) from Ford and is therefore able to offer an international development and production network in combination with a high degree of...

    WIX Filters
    Our filters for each type of vehicle

    WIX Filters has been an innovative leader in filtration products since its founding in 1939 in North Carolina, USA. WIX Filters serves the automotive, diesel, agricultural, industrial and specialty markets including heavy duty equipment and customized applications.

    Future-oriented filtration solutions

    MANN+HUMMEL selectively uses its core expertise to develop pro­duc­ts for new drive concepts to enable the emis­si­on-­free mobi­li­ty of the future. This is true for concep­ts in the fields of bat­te­ry and fuel cell tech­no­lo­gy.