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    MANN+HUMMEL at the Filtech 2019

    Making the world a little cleaner: At Filtech 2019, MANN+HUMMEL will present the products and solutions with which the company is pursuing this ambitious target. In addition to its standard portfolio for automotive original equipment and retrofitting, MANN+HUMMEL will also be exhibiting...

    Driving tomorrow – MANN+HUMMEL at the IAA 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show

    • Clean air in cities thanks to integrated fine dust particle filter • Brake dust particle filter – filtration directly at the source of the fine dust • Energy-efficient protection against fine dust through FreciousSmart cabin filter system • E-mobility product range – battery protection against...

    "Driving tomorrow" – MANN+HUMMEL at the IAA 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show

    Just imagine that with filters from MANN+HUMMEL each vehicle only produced as much fine dust as a purely electric vehicle, and, that with our filters car drivers were protected against fine dust and the durability of the battery system of the electric vehicle could be increased. At the IAA 2019...

    MANN+HUMMEL acquires Hardy Filtration

    Ludwigsburg (Germany) / Quebec (Canada) August 5, 2019 – MANN+HUMMEL today announced it has finalized the acquisition of Hardy Filtration, a Canada-based air filtration company. This will expand the global footprint and manufacturing capabilities of Tri-Dim Filter Corporation´s business, which...

    MANN+HUMMEL publishes corporate responsibility report
    The focus is on filtration solutions for clean mobility, clean air and clean water

    Ludwigsburg, July 30, 2019 – Today MANN+HUMMEL published its corporate responsibility report for 2018. The sustainable solutions of the company are focused on the areas of clean mobility, clean air and clean water. The report was created in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)...

    Aircube Eco ePM1 60% A+ compact air filter leads the field when it comes to energy efficiency

    Ludwigsburg / Sprockhövel 04.07.2019 – MANN+HUMMEL now offers the Aircube Eco 4V ePM1 60% compact air filter for the filtration of indoor air in buildings and processes. The filter conforms to the ISO 16890 standard and has an A+ energy rating according to Eurovent. The filter has the lowest energy...

    MANN+HUMMEL at Plug and Play Smart Cities Expo Day

    MANN+HUMMEL is the worldwide leader in filtration and advocate for solutions promoting clean air, clean water, and clean mobility. By combining 77 years of filtration expertise with strong partnerships and the latest technology, we understand how to separate the useful from the harmful. For clean...

    MANN+HUMMEL Filter Cubes at the Neckartor traffic junction in Stuttgart now also reduce concentration of nitrogen dioxide
    Retrofitted with activated carbon filters

    Ludwigsburg, April 24, 2019. The 17 Filter Cubes III from MANN+HUMMEL installed at the Neckartor traffic junction in Stuttgart are being retrofitted with technology which now reduces the concentration of nitrogen dioxide in addition to fine dust particles. In the past, the limit value for nitrogen...

    New air filter catalog according to ISO EN 16890 with new Eurovent energy efficiency classification

    The filtration expert MANN+HUMMEL has published its updated air filter catalog. The products in the catalog are according to DIN ISO EN 16890, the international standard for particle filtration in buildings, and now include information on the energy class according to the new Eurovent energy...

    MANN+HUMMEL presents technology to reduce NO2 pollution on roads with heavy traffic
    Filter Cubes could help to avoid driving bans

    Ludwigsburg, February 7, 2019 - Today, at its headquarters in Ludwigsburg, filtration specialist MANN+HUMMEL presented a technology which reduces nitrogen dioxide (NO2) at locations with high levels of pollution. At the end of last year, Filter Cubes from MANN+HUMMEL were successfully installed at...

    Emission-free driving

    In public debate, the greater part of fine dust emissions found in cities is attributed to road traffic. Measures such as driving bans are continually being considered. Fleet operators are increasingly forced to justify themselves and consider their ecological footprint. In this process, the focal...

    Clean air in cities

    Many cities around the world suffer from excessive air pollution. Sources such as road traffic and industrial plants cause high concentrations of fine dust and nitrogen dioxide. In Germany and other countries, the violation of limit values, in particular with regard to nitrogen dioxide, is...

    Nitrogen oxides - harmful gases in the air
    Interview with Martin Klein

    Not only fine dust, but also harmful gases pollute our ambient air and thus our health. Martin Klein, Vice President Cabin Air Filtration, talks in an interview about air pollution by nitrogen oxides, possible solutions and why filtration plays an important role.

    We AIM for clean air - Assessment. Improvement. Management.

    qlair is the leading platform for proactive clean air management in commercial buildings using Artificial Intelligent (AI) based technology.

    Together against fine dust

    WOLFF & MÜLLER, the Stuttgart construction company, and MANN+HUMMEL, the filtration specialist, are testing fine dust filters at the Bleyle complex in Ludwigsburg. The objective of the joint pilot project is to reduce fine dust pollution and improve the air quality.

    Innovation in Air Filtration

    Tri-Dim is known for offering innovative filtration solutions and services. Now combined with MANN+HUMMEL’s expertise in manufacturing and Research & Development, we are positioned to be the industry leader. The goal is to reduce your expenditures and provide your facility clean air.

    Cabin air filters for buses and trucks

    According to the World Health Organization, allergic diseases are among the most common chronic diseases in the world. Biofunctional cabin air filters from MANN+HUMMEL ensure that the affected professional drivers can breathe in freely when they are behind the wheel.

    Synthetic filter medium reduces total cost of ownership and increases process reliability

    The new air filters from MANN+HUMMEL, Aircube Pro Power S and Nanoclass Cube Pro Power S, were developed for gas turbines. Using a synthetic filter medium, the filters are also able to meet the requirements of the extreme operating conditions found on oil platforms at sea. The filters are robust,...

    Filters for Reducing Particulate Pollution in Bus and Rail Traffic

    Ludwigsburg, Berlin, September 11, 2018. Passengers in public transport are frequently exposed to high particulate pollution and therefore hazards to their health. The filtration specialist MANN+HUMMEL in Ludwigsburg hopes to change that with the development of a Fine Dust Particle Filter that can...

    Chassis Brakes and MANN+HUMMEL Work to Cut Particulate Emissions
    Vehicle traffic is regarded as a primary source for particle-based air pollution

    FRANKFURT, Germany, September 13, 2018 – Chassis Brakes International and MANN+HUMMEL have signed a strategic partnership agreement to develop brake systems with an add-on particle filter to reduce particulate emissions from passenger-car brakes.

    MANN+HUMMEL launches OurAir brand in India

    Singapore, 5 September 2018 – MANN+HUMMEL Group, a leading global filtration specialist, launched the OurAir brand in India, in conjunction with the official announcement of the accreditation of both the OurAir air quality monitors and digital platform by RESET.

    MANN+HUMMEL Successfully Tests Fine Dust Particle Filter

    Ludwigsburg, Frankfurt, Hannover, September 4, 2018 - The use of the newly developed MANN+HUMMEL Fine Dust Particle Filter can improve the particulate emissions balance of vehicles and reduce air pollution.

    MANN+HUMMEL Completes Acquisition of Tri-Dim Filter Corporation

    Ludwigsburg (Germany) August 31, 2018 – MANN+HUMMEL today announced it has finalized the acquisition of Tri-Dim Filter Corporation, USA-based air filtration company. MANN+HUMMEL is a globally operating, family-owned company providing filtration solutions for automotive and industrial applications,...

    Fine dust particle filter improves the fine dust balance

    Prof. Dr. Achim Kampker, CEO of StreetScooter, is convinced that waiting for statutory regulations is not the solution to combat fine dust. In contrast, own initiatives can work. Since the end of 2017, StreetScooter, a subsidiary of Deutsche Post, the German postal service, has therefore been...

    Filter solution for the brake

    Fine dust is a danger to human health. However, the fine dust is not only caused by exhaust emissions: each braking action releases particles. In future the new brake dust particle filter from MANN+HUMMEL will retain these emissions directly at the source.

    The Fine Dust Eater technology platform

    According to the World Health Organization, around 47,000 people in Germany die each year because of fine dust. Air pollution caused by fine dust is particularly high in urban areas. The fine dust alarm in Stuttgart has become well known throughout Germany. In fact, due to high air pollution, many...

    Protection against nitrogen oxides and particulate matter
    Effective protection against nitrogen oxides and particulate matter thanks to MANN-FILTER cabin air filters

    Ludwigsburg, September 25, 2017 – The combustion of diesel fuel in the vehicle engine at high temperatures produces various pollutants such as particulate matter and nitrogen oxides, which are released into the outside air via the exhaust gases.

    FreciousSmart – the intelligent cabin filter system

    Ludwigsburg, Germany, September 08, 2017 – MANN+HUMMEL products ensure the air is clean inside the vehicle. Around the world people are suffering under the increasing air pollution. Against this background the solutions in the field of filtration have to be just as varied as the types of...

    Common ragweed poses growing allergy risk
    Cabin filters from MANN-FILTER block aggressive pollen

    Allergies are becoming a growing health risk in Europe. This is not aided by increasing exposure to an aggressive invader, common ragweed. This plant's flowering season extends from July through to October, meaning that many allergy sufferers and asthmatics will continue to suffer symptoms far into...

    London Heathrow Airport
    Fresh air for millions

    London Heathrow is the largest airport in Europe. Every year more than 72 million passengers use its five terminals and all of them need fresh air. This is where the various air filters supplied by MANN+HUMMEL VOKES AIR have a decisive role to play.

    Indoor air quality

    Did you know that air pollution indoors is considerably higher than outdoors? Our filtration solutions reduce the pollution level and ensure good air quality in commercial offices, private rooms, operating theaters and laboratories and in the cleanrooms required by industry.

    Life Sciences & Environment Air Filtration
    For healthy, clean air

    Life Sciences & Environment Air Filtration combine the extensive expertise of MANN+HUMMEL in the area of filtration and air purity. Our clear goal is to make the world better and cleaner.

    Solutions for alternative drives

    Whether powered by electricity, natural gas or solar energy – low emission vehicles are the future of mobility. We want to help actively shape this future and are therefore developing pioneering filtration solutions for alternative drives such as fuel cell and high voltage battery systems.

    Air quality
    Pollution is a global problem

    City traffic, agriculture and industry all generate emissions. Pollutants and particles enter the air and endanger our health. MANN+HUMMEL is actively engaged in finding solutions.

    Cabin Air Filters
    To breathe freely inside your vehicle

    More and more people nowadays suffer from allergies. To give these people protection, MANN+HUMMEL has developed a cabin filter which also adsorbs allergenic substances and at the same time prevents bacteria from entering the interior of the vehicle through the ventilation or air conditioning system....

    Cleanroom filtration in the operating theater
    The TMS 3000 ventilation system for clean air in the operating theater

    Hygiene and air purity in the operating theaters of hospitals are a top priority. In the new center for women and children at the Ludwigsburg clinic, the highly efficient TMS 3000 ventilation system from MANN+HUMMEL helps to create perfect conditions for the treatment of patients and the team of...