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Only one liter of maple syrup is made from 40 liters of maple sap

Maple syrup is a popular natural sweetener because it contains over 65 antioxidants.

Traditional production, i.e., transforming the sap into syrup, is time-consuming and energy-intensive because of the large quantities of water that must be removed. This is done conventionally using a multi-stage evaporation plant with large stainless-steel pans arranged in a row.

Reverse osmosis is faster and requires less energy to remove the water. The maple sap is pumped through a series of reverse osmosis elements to concentrate it. This greatly increases the efficiency and profitability of processing sap into syrup by reducing both the energy and time required to concentrate it to syrup density in the evaporator.

MANN+HUMMEL manufactures these membrane elements for reverse osmosis, the end product of which is more sustainable due to the lower energy requirement and tastes exceptionally good: It is sugary sweet.

Do you know?